25 Fun Things To Do in October, Even If You Don’t Celebrate Halloween

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In my opinion, autumn is one of the most atmospheric times of the year. The weather turns cool and crisp, the leaves turn orange and brown and there is a scent of bonfires in the air. We’ve had a warm September here in the UK and I’ve been holding onto summer. But now that October is here, it’s time to embrace the autumn and welcome in the new season.

But is it possible to have a vibrant and fun October if you don’t celebrate Halloween? There are many reasons why you might not celebrate Halloween, whether it’s for religious or cultural reasons, or you simply don’t enjoy it. In this post, I want to show you that it is absolutely possible to enjoy October whether you celebrate Halloween or not. There are so many fun things to do in October that have nothing to do with Halloween. I will be sharing 25 ideas in this post!

25 Fun Things To Do in October

25 Fun Things To Do in October, Even If You Don’t Celebrate Halloween

1. Decorate your house seasonally

October is a great time of year to add some autumn decor to your home. You can do this the eco-friendly way by looking in charity shops for autumnal home decor, scented candles and other seasonal items. Alternatively, you can bring nature indoors by making an autumnal display from colourful foliage, berries and fir cones. Get creative!

2. Change to cosy bedding in autumnal colours

Make your bedroom cosy and autumnal by changing to seasonal bedding. If you don’t already have some, you can search in charity shops or on eBay to find some second-hand bedding at a low price. I have a red tartan brushed cotton duvet cover which I bring out at this time of year. It’s a Christmas one really but it looks autumnal too, especially when adorned with some red and orange cushions!

Autumn bedding - a red tartan duvet cover with red and orange cushions and a brown teddy bear.

3. Organise your wardrobe

Prepare an autumnal wardrobe by picking out clothes that are seasonal colours and suitable for October weather. If you don’t have many autumnal clothes, you can get some more the eco-friendly way by having a charity shop clothes haul. Store away your summer clothes and you will be ready to dress for October!

Clothes in autumn colours hanging in a wardrobe

4. Paint your nails

Oranges, reds, browns or black are great colours to paint your nails in October, to match the changing colours of the leaves.

5. Dye your hair

If you are planning on dyeing your hair soon, why not go for an autumnal colour? In previous years I have dyed my hair with henna to give it reddish or orange tones.

6. Light an autumnal scented candle

One way to bring October into your home is to light a scented candle. I have a Pumpkin Pie candle and it smells amazing!

A pumpkin pie soy candle, lit

7. Use autumnal scented personal care products

Why not switch up your personal care products for the season? The year before last I tried a pumpkin sheet mask as part of my skincare routine. You could also switch to an autumnal scented perfume or body spray. I think sweet candy scents or cinnamon would be perfect for October.

Natura pumpkin infused sheet mask

8. Change your phone and laptop backgrounds to autumnal images

The backgrounds on our devices are something that we see every day, even if we don’t consciously notice them after a while. Last year I changed my phone background to this image of fallen leaves and acorns and it helped me to get in an autumn mood.

Acorns and brown fallen leaves on mossy soil

9. Read seasonal books

Reading is such a cosy activity to do in October, and it’s even better if you can find a seasonal book that is set in the autumn.

10. Do an autumnal jigsaw puzzle

My family loves doing jigsaws so we have quite a collection at home, including the one pictured below which is of an autumnal scene. Doing a jigsaw puzzle is a nice cosy activity to do indoors on an October day when the weather is cool or rainy.

A jigsaw puzzle of an autumn scene.

11. Pick blackberries

Blackberries are at their best in the late summer and early autumn, but there are still plenty about in October. Now is your last chance to get out and pick some before they are all gone. You could bake them into a blackberry pie or simply add them to your breakfast cereal as a fruity topping.

Blackberries growing in a hedgerow

12. Pick and eat Medlar fruits

Medlars are a lesser-known fruit that is ready to pick in late October or early November. I have a medlar tree in my garden and every year it provides a generous crop of medlar fruits to last my family for a while. I have perfected the art of peeling and eating medlars and can confirm that they are delicious!

Medlar fruits growing on a medlar tree

13. Bake an apple pie

During October there are so many apples ripening and falling off the trees. I can’t resist collecting up lots of apples and using them to make delicious recipes such as apple pie and apple muffins! You can do the same with pears and other fruits. Also, freshly picked blackberries are a great addition to any fruit pie.

14. Cook or bake an autumnal recipe

I’ve already mentioned apple pie, but there are lots of other autumnal recipes such as pumpkin spice granola. Pumpkin is an obvious autumnal ingredient but others include cinnamon, nutmeg, apple, butternut squash and sweet potato.

Two pyrex jars of homemade pumpkin spice granola

15. Roast pumpkin seeds

I have never tried roasting pumpkin seeds, but I have heard that they are delicious. Have you ever tried them? Let me know in the comments below!

16. Make or buy autumnal drinks

A warming, spiced drink is perfect on a cool October day. The classic autumn drink is a pumpkin spiced latte, but others include hot chocolate, spiced herbal teas and hot apple cider. Order seasonal specials when you go to restaurants and cafes or make your own at home.

A mug of homemade pumpkin spice latte

17. Have an October picnic

Although the weather gets cooler in October, there is still the occasional sunny day. A great way to make the most of this is by having a picnic outdoors.

A pasty in a paper bag, resting on a lap. There are fallen leaves on a paved floor in the background.

18. Paint an autumnal picture

Let autumn inspire your creativity! Why not paint an October scene or make a collage?

19. Autumnal colouring

Colouring is a satisfying and relaxing activity for adults as well as kids. You can find free seasonal pictures online to print or buy a colouring book like one of these:

20. Write an autumnal poem

If you are into writing poetry, October is full of inspiration!

21. Walk in the woods

The woods are beautiful in October, especially when the leaves are changing colour. A walk in the woods will get you in an autumn mood.

A view of a woodland canopy with green leaves starting to turn orange and brown

22. Collect conkers or pinecones

Collecting conkers and pinecones is fun, and they also make great autumnal decorations for your home. One year, I painted some pinecones with sparkly pains and filled a large glass jar with them. This was actually a Christmas decoration but you could easily do an autumnal version.

23. Take autumnal photos

Nature is especially beautiful and colourful in October. If you are into photography, now is a great time to get outside and capture some seasonal photos!

Fungus growing in the grass

24. Go to local events

Many towns, cities and places of interest boast autumnal events during October, such as festivals, nature trails and workshops. Check out what’s on in your area!

25. Autumn crafts

October is the perfect month to work on some crafts. If you need inspiration, Pinterest is a goldmine of autumn craft ideas.

Which of these things will you do in October?

I hope this post has shown that there are plenty of fun seasonal activities to do in October, whether or not you celebrate Halloween. Writing this post has really put me in an autumnal mood. I’m off to put some decorations up and make a spiced ginger tea. Who’s with me?

What are your favourite activities to do in October? Do you plan to do any of the activities on my list this year? Let me know in the comments!

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25 Fun Things To Do In October Even If You Don't Celebrate Halloween


  1. What a great list!! Every year I tell myself I’m going to make apple butter. I think this year I’ll finally do it! 😁

    1. Sophie says:

      I’ve never made apple butter before but it sounds delicious! I hope you get around to making it this year!

  2. You have gave me some new ideas. I don’t know which I will do and if I will do them, with exception of walking outside, that I do already. But new ideas for me to try and make the time for.
    Thank you.

    1. Sophie says:

      I’m glad I gave you some new ideas! Walking outside is something I do already too. But I think walks are especially beautiful in the autumn!

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