April Challenges Evaluation
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April Challenges – Evaluation

In April, I ambitiously took on 5 challenges for the month! Here’s a reminder of what they were: Get up 4 minutes earlier each day, starting at 8.30am and ending at 6.30am. Cut down on internet procrastination. Work on solo piano pieces, and make notes on them, for 45 minutes each day. Do the Daily …

Food February - Trying to Increase my Weight to a Healthy BMI
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‘Food February’ – Trying to Increase my Weight to a Healthy BMI

This is a story from February 2018. I have always been one of those people who can eat loads and never put on weight! Around this time, I got a bit concerned that maybe I was actually too thin. I am 5 foot 7, and my weight tended to range between 7st 13lb and 8st …