My Favourite UK Small Businesses To Support This Christmas
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My Favourite UK Small Businesses to Support This Christmas

It’s that time of year where we are all starting our Christmas shopping! Or maybe some of you are super organised and have already finished it? In my case, I have bought a few presents already but I still have a lot more to do. I love looking at gift guides on blogs to get …

My Winter-Themed Bedroom Featuring Poster Store
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My Winter-Themed Bedroom Decor – Featuring Poster Store

Earlier this year, I collaborated with Poster Store to decorate my bedroom for summer. I am delighted to say that I am working with Poster Store again for their Black Friday campaign! If you haven’t heard of Poster Store before, they are a Swedish company that produces high-quality, sustainable, stylish posters and frames at …

12 Essential Things To Bring On A Winter Walk
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12 Essential Things To Bring On A Winter Walk

One of my favourite things about going for walks is watching the seasons change. Every season brings a unique and different walking experience. Winter walks are typically underrated because of the cold weather, but in my opinion, they are some of the most beautiful and scenic. Whatever the season, it’s a good idea to bring …

How To Get Out Of Bed When It's Cold and Dark
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How To Get Out Of Bed When It’s Cold and Dark

At this time of year, it’s getting darker earlier in the evening which I actually love because I think it’s cosy and atmospheric. However, the mornings are also darker. I struggle to get out of bed when it’s cold and dark, and I’m sure many others can relate to this. It’s just not very appealing …

7 Important Health Stats To Track For Optimal Health - Featuring the Misirun Smart Watch
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7 Important Health Stats to Track for Optimal Health – Featuring Misirun

Health is undoubtedly an important factor in everyone’s life. Without our health, how would we be able to do all the things we want to do and enjoy our lives to the full? Most people try their best to take good care of their health, but this is not always as easy in practice. There are …

Book Review - The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon by Mike Russell
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The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon by Mike Russell – Book Review

Last year, I had the opportunity to read and review Magic by Mike Russell. I enjoyed that book so I was delighted when StrangeBooks contacted me again to review Mike Russell’s newest book, The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon. The title immediately caught my attention – how could his wife be the moon? I soon …

I Tried Focus Supplements To Boost My Overall Health
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I Tried Focus Supplements to Boost My Overall Health

I am always looking for ways to boost my health. Mental health is especially important to me because I have been working to overcome anxiety over the past few years. I know that physical and mental health are closely interlinked so I also try to keep my body as healthy as possible which, in turn …

25 Fun Things To Do in October Even If You Don't Celebrate Halloween

25 Fun Things To Do in October, Even If You Don’t Celebrate Halloween

In my opinion, autumn is one of the most atmospheric times of the year. The weather turns cool and crisp, the leaves turn orange and brown and there is a scent of bonfires in the air. We’ve had a warm September here in the UK and I’ve been holding onto summer. But now that October …