11 Relaxing Screen-Free Activities To Do Before Bed
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11 Relaxing Screen-Free Activities To Do Before Bed

What do you normally do in the few hours before going to bed? Common activities for me include watching YouTube videos, playing online games, and reading social media. In a way, these activities help me to relax and wind down, but at the same time they end up keeping me awake for longer. What these …

My Experience Having Covid-19
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My Experience Having Covid-19

You are probably tired of the subject of Covid, but I wanted to share my experience having Covid-19 earlier this year. Before you get worried, thankfully I didn’t get it too badly! Obviously, everyone’s experience having Covid is very different, so I wouldn’t describe my experience as a typical Covid experience, nor a particularly unusual …

My Thoughts on Becoming Guise-Wise by Michael Waters
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My Thoughts on ‘Becoming Guise-Wise’ by Michael Waters

Personal development is a subject I love to immerse myself in. Having read many personal development books and blogs over the years, I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review ‘Becoming Guise-Wise’ by Michael Waters. The premise of this book intrigued me, with its claims that by making one small change …

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A Herbal Tea For Every Time of Day

Drinking herbal tea is an absolute staple part of my daily routine. There is such a wide variety of great-tasting teas to explore, and I love knowing that they have health benefits as varied as their flavours. There’s a tea for every mood, occasion and time of day, whether you need something stimulating, refreshing …

How To Prepare For Moving Into Your First House
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How To Prepare for Moving Into Your First House

Moving into your first house is a significant milestone in your life, especially if you are moving out from your parents or guardians for the first time. Whether you are moving out to live on your own, with friends or with a significant other, it can feel like an exciting, yet daunting step. As with …

A New Skincare Routine For The Autumn - Featuring Olae
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A New Skincare Routine for the Autumn – Featuring Olae’s Natural Skincare Products

Our skin’s health can be affected more than we realise by the changing seasons. It’s September now, and colder weather is approaching that can potentially dry out our skin. With this in mind, September is the perfect time to upgrade our skincare routine for the Autumn. This is exactly what I did after the natural …