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Blackberry Picking

Today, I decided to go blackberry picking! I set off down the country lanes this morning, armed with my camera and a pot to collect blackberries in.

A country lane lined with green bushes and trees

Blackberry picking is an activity that I associate with late Summer and early Autumn, and I had wanted to do this activity near the beginning of October because I was aware that it is late in the season for blackberries. I hoped that there would still be some left!

I found a lot of blackberries, but unfortunately they were all past their best. Even though there were still red, unripe blackberries growing, most of the black ones were mushy and I saw lots that were covered in mould and flies. This meant that I only managed to pick a few!

Brambles and blackberries
If you look closely you can see that the blackberries were past their best.
More brambles and blackberries

I didn’t really mind though, because it was a lovely morning for a walk. The weather was cloudy but still and mild, and there was an Autumnal feeling in the air. I saw lots of oak trees laden with acorns, their leaves just starting to turn yellow and brown. I also saw brown ferns, and red rose-hips.

Acorns growing in an oak tree
Brown ferns
Rose-hips with blackberries in the background

What am I going to use the blackberries for?

These are the few blackberries I managed to pick – as you can see, it wasn’t many!

A glass jar containing around 30 blackberries

I had hoped to make a blackberry pie or similar Autumnal recipe using the blackberries. However, because I picked so few, I might just eat them on top of my cereal tomorrow morning! Another option would be to make an apple pie and add the blackberries in, or use them to decorate the top. I will keep you updated on what I decide to do with the blackberries!

I am glad that I went blackberry picking, even though I only managed to find a few good blackberries. It was still a lovely walk, and it was good to get some fresh air on a mild Autumn morning. I still consider blackberry picking to be an Autumnal activity, but I think the ideal time for it would be early September, or even August. October is just a bit too late, in this part of the country at least, because most of the blackberries have gone mushy.

A footpath lined with trees and scattered with Autumn leaves

Have you been blackberry picking this year?

What time of year did you go? Did you manage to pick lots of blackberries, or had they all gone mushy? What did you do with your blackberries? Let me know in the comments!

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The best time of year to go blackberry picking


  1. We didn’t make it this year! My husband works outside and knows where a lot of good wild patches are. We went a few years ago and he picked quite a few then made jam! He brought one home this summer that was soon to be a victim of a construction site. I really hope it survives the winter and produces some berries next year!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I bet the jam was delicious! That was good of him to rescue the plant from the construction site, I also hope it survives the Winter and you get berries next year!

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