My name is Sophie. I live in the UK. I started writing this blog in September 2018, as a way to get my ideas out to the world, and share things that I have learned and experienced, in the hope that they will be helpful to people. 

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything I write about, and all of my posts are up for discussion – I would love to hear comments and ideas from you! This blog is a learning process for me and also reflects my learning process in life.  My ideas and views are not set in stone, they are likely to change over time, so I am open to disagreeing with some of my past blog posts in the future, as well as moving away from certain topics of interest, and towards others!

I intend to write about anything and everything, but these are some of the things I often write about in this blog:

Monthly Challenges

I like to explore life and to learn and grow as a person. In February 2017, I had the idea of doing a challenge every month, either to help install a new lifestyle change, or to try out something new. The ’30 day challenge’ is a tried and tested method for establishing new habits. I have tried a huge variety of different challenges since I started doing this, and I sometimes do 2 or 3 different challenges in the same month. Not all of them result in lasting changes, but it keeps life fresh and interesting, as every month I am trying something new, or doing things a different way. It’s a lot of fun! I write about my monthly challenges in this blog, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading about all my adventures and experiences, and maybe get inspired to try out some challenges of your own!

Creative ‘hacks’

I am a creative person, and I sometimes come up with unusual ideas and helpful ‘hacks’ to solve problems in a simple way. I will share my ideas here!


I have recently been exploring the use of affirmations as a way of shaping my life and beliefs into the way I want them to be. I write my affirmations on cards, and go through them often, saying them to myself and really focusing on the meaning of them and their truth in my life. I share some of my affirmations on this blog, and expand on them, offering some thoughts that you may be able to apply to your own life.


I have been playing the piano since I was a child, and over the past few years have been doing a lot of accompanying, for example, playing for choirs, and playing for soloists in concerts and exams. However, this is not something I want to continue doing long term. It has never felt right to me – I have always had other ideas about what I want to be doing with my life. Writing this blog is part of my transition away from music. This past year (2018), I have been experiencing anxiety for various reasons, and this has particularly affected how I cope with the piano playing I do. I will share here some of the ways I have found to cope with this, as well as general advice to do with playing and performing. Music will likely still have a place in my life, even when I am no longer doing it as my primary way to earn a living. I plan to record videos of my playing, and post links to them here.


I love reading and I find it very enjoyable and satisfying to explore books of many different genres, fiction and non-fiction. Philosophy and personal development books (and other materials) are a favourite of mine, as I am very interested in those subjects. I like to get second hand books from charity shops, and pass them on to someone else when I am done with them. But when there is a specific book that I want to read, I often buy the kindle version on Amazon and read it on my tablet. I already rate the books I read on a scale of 1 – 5, so that I can look out for more books from the authors I like, and leave the ones I didn’t like on the shelf. I will post reviews on this blog of the books that I read. 

Sustainable Living

I am always looking for ways to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. I will share some tips I’ve found, as well as reviewing environmentally friendly products that I use. I am also fascinated by the principles of Permaculture, and I hope to incorporate it into my life. 

Why ‘This Brilliant Day’?

This day is the only day that ever exists. So let’s make it brilliant!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and get some value and enjoyment out of it!

Sophie x