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7 Simple Ways To Save Water at Home

Are you trying to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle? One way to do this is to save water. The average person in the UK uses about 142 litres of water a day. By making a few small and simple changes, you could significantly reduce this number with barely any effort or sacrifice. In this post, I will be sharing 7 simple ways to save water at home every day.

7 Easy Ways To Save Water Every Day

7 Simple Ways To Save Water at Home

1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

We’ll start with a really obvious one, that hopefully most of you do anyway. Did you know that if you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth, you could be wasting over 24 litres of water a day? With this in mind, it’s a no brainer to turn off the tap while brushing.

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2. Turn off the tap when soaping your hands

To save water when you are washing your hands, first wet your hands and then turn off the tap while you apply soap and rub your hands together. Then turn the tap on again to rinse your hands. This may seem like a tiny water saving, but think how many times you wash your hands during the day! Those small savings will add up.

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3. Turn off the shower while applying products

When you are applying shampoo to your hair or shower gel to your body, you don’t actually need to stand under the running water, so why not turn it off? You’ll save a lot of water if you only turn the shower on to get wet or to rinse things off. Although I understand this could be more difficult on showers with two taps where you have to balance the temperature.

4. Limit the number of baths you have

On average, a shower uses half the amount of water as a bath, and it will be even less if you turn off the shower while applying products. If possible, opt for showers and save baths for an occasional treat. When you do have a bath, consider using minimal or natural bath products, and then using your bathwater to water your garden!

5. Reuse water from pet bowls for watering plants

If you have a pet, you’ll know that it’s important to give your pets fresh water every day. When changing your pet’s water, why not give the old water to you houseplants? If you empty the pet bowl into a different plant pot every day, you might never need to water your plants with fresh tap water, depending on how many plants you have.

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6. Install a water butt

A water butt is a great way to conserve rainwater that falls on your roof. This can be used for watering your garden. Obviously, it may take some time and effort to install a water butt, but once done it will save a lot of water as well as being valuable during water shortages.

7. Save boiled vegetable water to drink or add to soups

When you boil or steam vegetables, various nutrients leach out into the water. Rather than pouring it down the drain, you could have it as a nutritious drink after your meal, or save it to add into a homemade soup or stew.

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How many of these water-saving tips do you do?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these simple ways to save water and that you’ve learned something new from this post. Do you already do some of the things I’ve mentioned? What other ways do you save water in your daily life? If you have any water-saving tips, do share them in the comments below!

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7 Simple Ways To Save Water at Home

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