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Changing my Bedroom Decor for Autumn

The weather has been getting colder and I’ve been feeling cold at night under my thin summer duvet. I decided it was time to swap it for a thicker one that I have. At the same time, I thought it would be nice to create an Autumnal theme for my bedding.

I had thought about going to charity shops and looking for Autumnal bedding, blankets and cushions, but I realised I already owned bedding that could pass as Autumnal! There was no need to buy anything new.

Here’s what I came up with:

A red tartan duvet cover and pillow case on my bed

This tartan duvet cover is actually Christmas themed because it has robins on the underside. I thought the tartan side looked quite Autumnal though so I used it!

A close-up of my red tartan duvet cover over a purple sheet

I used a purple sheet because that was the most Autumnal colour I had, and it sort of matched the duvet cover.

A cream, green and purple floral throw on my bed.

For an additional layer of warmth, I added this throw. Although it has a floral pattern, I thought the colours were Autumnal, and the dark purple of the flowers matched the darker stripes of the duvet cover.

Two red and cream cushions and a teddy bear propped up on my pillow.

I had these two cushions which matched the colour scheme. The one on the right is very old and has a lot of threads hanging loose, but never mind!

A teddy bear leaning against a cushion on my bed.

This teddy bear lives on my bed anyway, so he had to be featured of course!

My Autumnal bedding - a view from the end of my bed.
My Autumnal bedding

I am pleased that I was able to create an Autumn colour scheme using bedding items that I already own. The duvet is thick and warm, and I am looking forward to getting into bed tonight! I definitely won’t be cold any more!

Do you have Autumnal bedding?

Have you dug out your thick duvets and blankets yet? Do you tend to choose a colour scheme to fit in with the season, or do you choose whatever bedding you feel like? Let me know in the comments!

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Changing My Bedroom Decor For Autumn

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