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Why You Need to Take More Time For Your Hobbies

This is a collaborative post.

There’s a push in the world to be productive and to constantly stay on top of things. Slacking and being lazy are seen as unacceptable, even to the point where maybe you shouldn’t do your hobbies. It’s weird that hobbies aren’t considered productive because they are actually good for you, in ways we’ll explore in this post.

The toxic “always be productive, always contribute, and always work” mentality has to go; it’s damaging. You deserve to have a break sometimes and have time for yourself. So, here is exactly why you need to take more time for your hobbies.

Why You Need to Take More Time For Your Hobbies

Your Mental Health Needs It

Whether your hobbies involve beauty makeovers, playing music, or tending to plants, they are good for your mental health. They help you forget your worries temporarily. Hobbies allow you to focus on something else during downtime and can help you develop a sense of mastery. When you find your hobby enjoyable and fulfilling, it can even help you to sleep better at night. Hobbies also encourage a sense of purpose.

For example, when you create a piece of art or participate in a sports team, you feel accomplished and as though you are contributing to the greater good. These feelings can help to combat depression, anxiety, and stress. In a way, it’s like meditation – you get into a flow state of mind and stop thinking of the burdens that weigh on you. It’s great for your mental health, and in the long term, it’s great for your productivity too.

They Bring Fullfilment

Your life isn’t all about your work or productivity. Your work isn’t instantly who you are. Whether you’re wanting to read more into learning an instrument or you’re wanting to play golf or do crafts, having a hobby helps you feel like a person. It makes you feel like you really were put in this world just to be happy and enjoy yourself. You get a sense of fulfilment and confidence in yourself.

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It Can Help Your Physical Health

Hobbies allow you to take a break from the demands of everyday life and can be an excellent way to relieve stress. Whether it’s gardening, knitting, dancing, or painting, a hobby can help you focus on something positive and gives you a sense of achievement. Many people find that engaging in a hobby improves their sleep and can even lower their heart rate. You have to keep in mind that physical health and mental health are connected. If you feel bad mentally, it bleeds over physically and vice versa. So focusing on a hobby can immensely help you out, both physically and mentally.

Your Social Life Needs It

While there are plenty of hobbies that can be done alone, there are many that need others to be in the mix, and that’s fabulous. In fact, bringing someone in can do a lot of good. These social interactions help to reduce loneliness, which can be harmful to your health.  Whether it’s cooking classes, going to the gym or dancing, get someone else involved or join a group. It’s going to make your social life a whole lot better.

Will you take more time for your hobbies?

There are so many benefits to taking more time to do the things you enjoy. It can help your physical and mental health, boost your social life and bring a sense of fulfilment beyond what you get from your work. Today is a great day to start reintroducing your hobbies into your life in a bigger way. You won’t regret it!


  1. Great post! I’m guilty of abandoning some of my hobbies because of school, work or just life. Coming back to them definitely helped me mentally. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sophie says:

      It’s so easy to abandon hobbies when life takes over. Glad to hear that coming back to them helped you mentally! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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