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How Wearing Your Favourite Colour Can Boost Your Confidence

AD | This post features a product that has been gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Is there a colour that, for whatever reason, makes you feel good any time you see it? Do you find yourself leaning towards a particular colour whenever you are buying something new, especially clothes and accessories? If so, this is good news for you as you could be inadvertently boosting your confidence!

Wearing a certain colour to affect your mood is sometimes known as dopamine dressing and there are many reasons why wearing your favourite colour can give you a confidence boost. And let’s be honest – we all need that sometimes! We’ll be taking a look at some of those reasons in this post.

One of my favourite colours is green, particularly sage green, and that’s a colour I love to wear. To feature in this blog post, I was sent the Sekonda Palette Ladies Watch from their Palette Collection. And of course, I opted for the colour ‘light sage’! Let’s take a closer look at Sekonda and their colourful watch collection.

How To Boost Your Confidence By Wearing Your Favourite Colour

The Palette Collection by Sekonda

Sekonda is a top UK watch brand that has been making stylish, high-quality watches at affordable prices since 1966. Style, visual appeal and colour are very important to Sekonda, and those things are embodied in their Palette Collection – a minimalist watch design that comes in 13 appealing colours, from black to white with a range of bold and pastel shades in between. Sekonda are truly aboard the dopamine dressing trend with a colour to suit every taste.

A screenshot of the Sekonda Palette Ladies Watch in the colour Light Sage, on the Sekonda website.
As well as the colours shown in this picture, there are also four bolder colours available in the Palette Collection, which you can find on the Sekonda website.

The watch has an aluminium case and buckle and a flexible silicone strap, meaning it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. I have small wrists so I sometimes have trouble finding bracelets and watches that fit, but I am pleased to say that this watch goes tight enough to fit my wrist. The second-tightest hole is just right for me. Due to the minimalist design, there are no numbers on the watch face, but the dial is large so it’s still easy to read. The colour is a soft, delicate sage green and I think it looks absolutely beautiful!

A sage green watch by Sekonda, on a background of plant-print fabric.

How Wearing Your Favourite Colour Can Boost Your Confidence

It can accentuate your features

You can use colour to accentuate features you like about yourself, such as your hair, eyes, freckles, lips, etc. For example, I have hazel eyes, and when I wear sage green it brings out the green in them, which I really like. Of course, the colours that match your features might not necessarily all be your favourite colours, but there’s likely to be at least one colour that fits into both categories.

You’ll feel more ‘put together’

If you stick to a colour palette of just a few favourite colours, and perhaps some neutrals to set them off, your whole wardrobe will co-ordinate more. Incidentally, this is one of the fundamentals of a minimalist wardrobe and will make it so much easier to combine your clothes into outfits. Overall, you’ll feel more in control of your style and outfit choices, which will translate into a more confident state of being.

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A sage green watch on the wrist of a woman wearing a sage green dress.

It helps you form a signature style

Wearing your favourite colour on a regular basis will give you a ‘signature style’ and could become almost like a trademark for you. Building your favourite colour into your fashion identity will help you to feel more like ‘you’ in the outfits you choose, rather than buying clothes just because they are on-trend. This in turn will make you feel more confident. Having a signature style will also make your life easier because you’ll know what you are looking for when shopping, and what to keep when decluttering.

I like that my Sekonda watch is completely sage green all over – right down to the buckle and the crown (That’s the name for the knob on the side, apparently!). Only the hands and the Sekonda logo are a silver colour so that they stand out. The monotone look really makes a statement and fits in perfectly with my signature style.

Of course, you can have more than one favourite colour, and therefore more than one signature style. I love wearing sage green but I also love wearing black, and of course, these are two totally different moods! You can choose the best colour to fit each occasion, or of course mix and match your trademark colours in a single outfit.

A sage green watch on the wrist of a woman wearing a black top.

It can boost your mood

I mentioned the term ‘dopamine dressing’ earlier, and there is science behind this. According to fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, who coined the term, wearing certain colours can affect your mood in different ways. Research suggests that red makes you feel powerful and confident, yellow puts you in a joyful mood, blue is calming and comforting, and green brings refreshment and balance. Therefore, if you want to boost your confidence, red might be the best colour to choose.

On top of the studied benefits of certain colours, it makes sense that wearing your favourite colour would have a positive effect on your mood, simply because you like the colour! Constantly seeing a colour that you like will subconsciously boost your mood, and mood is closely linked to confidence. A coloured watch is a great place to start as it’s something you will look at throughout the day. Every time I look at my Sekonda watch I appreciate the pretty sage green colour!

A sage green Sekonda watch on a wrist.

It increases self-awareness

Becoming conscious of what colours you like to wear will help you to get to know yourself better. You might not have previously given much thought to what your favourite colour is, but by exploring this simple question you’ll learn more about your own likes and preferences, and what they might say about you as a person. What colours suit you, and why? You can think about this in terms of what colours physically look good on you, as well as which colours match your personality and disposition. For example, if you find yourself drawn to wearing blue, this could indicate that you have a calming nature or that you subconsciously want to bring more calm into your life!

Increasing self-awareness is a surefire way to feel more confident because knowledge is power. If you know yourself better, it’s easier to believe in your abilities and make the right decisions for yourself.

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A woman sitting on a sofa with a black and white cat on her lap and a sage green watch on her wrist.

Your fashion choices can reflect other aspects of your life

Wearing your favourite colour is a way to reflect other aspects of your life, for example, your hobbies. I love houseplants and that’s one of the reasons why I love wearing sage green. My love of plants is part of my identity and wearing green reflects this and makes me feel good. It may sound trivial but there’s something satisfying about matching the plants that surround me in my home!

Another example of using colour to reflect your life might be to wear the colour of your favourite sports team if you are a sports fan. Or, if you love the ocean or water sports, blue might represent that for you.

The watch face of a sage green Sekonda watch.

What colour will you be wearing?

I’d love to know what your favourite colour is, and whether you wear it regularly. Do you find it boosts your confidence? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t have a favourite colour? You absolutely don’t have to have a favourite colour to benefit from dopamine dressing. Consider narrowing your wardrobe to a colour scheme that could make you feel more confident. I recommend working backwards, by thinking about what colours might suit your complexion and features, as well as what colours best reflect your personality and other aspects of your life. This can help you gain clarity on what colour you might want to wear more in order to feel your best. Alternatively, you could opt to wear colours that are thought to inherently boost confidence such as red or yellow.

If you want to get a watch in your chosen colour, remember to check out Sekonda’s Palette Collection which includes the sage green watch featured in this post. It’s such a simple yet stylish design and the perfect statement piece to introduce and start forming a colour-coordinated wardrobe.

A sage green Sekonda watch on a wrist, with plant-print fabric in the background.
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How Wearing Your Favourite Colour Can Boost Your Confidence


  1. The sage watch is so beautiful and the colour is very relaxing! I love wearing navy blue because it’s the colour I feel most confident in and pairs so well with others.

    1. Sophie says:

      Thank you! I like the colour navy blue but I don’t wear it a lot because I don’t feel blue suits me. I agree that it pairs well with a lot of other colours, though! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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