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How to Get Warm Without Turning the Heating Up

In the Winter months it can get so cold, even indoors! It’s always tempting to turn the heating right up and make your whole home cosy and snug. But there are alternative ways to get warm that will save your heating bills, and the environment too. Read on and I will share several tips that I use myself. 

A woman wearing a tartan shawl over a grey jumper. Her nails are painted red and she is holding a red mug containing a hot drink.
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Do some exercise

Exercise will get your blood pumping and your body temperature rising. One idea is to put on some music (Christmas songs if it is that time of year) and dance to it. Even a brisk walk will do the trick, and you can enjoy the atmospheric winter scenery while you’re outside. However cold it is, you will soon be feeling toasty warm.

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Don’t neglect the legs!

When it’s cold, we tend to put on multiple layers of jumpers, coats and scarfs. But while the top half of our body is wrapped up warm, often our legs just have a single layer of jeans, trousers, leggings or tights.

There have been times when I have wondered why I still feel cold when I am wearing so many layers, but then I realise that my legs are not well insulated at all. 

A solution to this is to wear multiple layers on your legs too. This might sound strange, but it really does make a difference. In the Winter, I often wear tights or leggings under my jeans. I also own a pair of ‘leg warmers’ which I wear over my jeans / leggings, but I usually only wear these around the house. Knee-length socks do the trick too.

Layer socks, or wear slippers

I tend to get cold feet, and during the winter I really notice my feet getting cold if I am only wearing one pair of ordinary, thin socks. To keep my feet warm, I opt for thick socks, or wear an extra pair of fluffy socks over my normal ones when I am indoors. I think of these as ‘jumpers for my feet’!

My feet in fluffy socks

If you prefer, you can opt to wear slippers instead of extra layers of socks. I am not a big wearer of slippers because I find they limit my movement and make me trip over my feet, and I tend to just kick them off. But if you are a slipper person, they are a great way to keep your feet warm!

Use blankets

Blankets can provide a cocoon of warmth that no clothing can achieve. Sometimes the only way I can get warm is to snuggle up under a blanket. Even just draping one over my legs while I work at my desk can make a big difference.

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Submerge your hands in warm water

This tip was inspired by something my mum taught me, about how to keep cool in the summer. If you run your wrists under cold water, you will cool down quickly because the blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin, so the cold water cools your blood.

It makes sense to me that the same would apply with warm water. Run your wrists under warm water, or fill the sink and submerge them. This should warm your blood and you’ll soon feel warm all over.

You could even make this tip productive by doing the washing up! Wash up by hand after meals instead of using a dishwasher, and you will gain the benefit of warm hands and hence warm body.

Do some baking

Baking is a great winter activity, so why not make several batches of your favourite comfort food? The oven will warm up the kitchen as you work.

Brown cookies on a baking tray against a marble background
Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Drink hot drinks

A hot cup of tea or coffee can work wonders on a cold day. It warms you up from within. If you are not a fan of tea or coffee you could try herbal or fruit teas, or simply have a mug of hot water.

I hope these tips will help you to get warm and stay warm this Winter

Which of these things do you already do? Do you have any other tips for getting warm without turning the heating up? I would love to hear them – let me know in the comments.

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How To Get Warm Without Turning The Heating Up


  1. Great tips!! I love drinking hot chocolate to get warmed up. And the fuzzy socks!! If my feet are cold the rest of me stays cold.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I don’t drink hot chocolate very often but it is a great warming drink! Same here, my feet need to be warm for me to stand any chance!

  2. Cool tips, thanks for sharing

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      You’re welcome!

  3. Good tips for keeping warm. Layers are always a good idea. I prefer fleeces to jumpers when it’s really Cold ( not ideal as they contain plastic )
    A thin pair of socs under a think pair gives good insulation for ice cold feet
    Same for upper body and legs thin layers work better under jumpers etc. Another thing to look at is wind prof breathable materials for out doors . 🙏

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I totally agree, the more layers, the better! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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