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7 Valuable Ways To Use An Energy High

It’s almost a cliche that most of us feel tired ‘all the time’. But do you ever get a rare energy high where, for whatever reason (or none), you feel ‘full of beans’? Maybe you just had some good news or a great social interaction. Perhaps you had a good night’s sleep. Or maybe you just feel full of energy for no particular reason. Often, an energy high goes hand-in-hand with a good mood.

When you get an energy high, it makes sense to ride the wave and make the most of it! Here are 7 ways to make good use of an energy high.

7 Valuable Ways To Use An Energy High

1. Work on an important project

Often, the most important things in our life also take the most effort. While you are feeling an energy high, it’s a good time to make headway on any important projects in your life. You’ll likely make good progress because your high energy.

2. Get started on a project you’ve been procrastinating on

The hardest part of any task or project is getting started. An energy high can help you push through that initial resistance and make a start. Once you get started, it will be easier to keep going and avoid procrastination.

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3. Do an unpleasant task you’ve been putting off

Sometimes in life, we have to do unpleasant tasks. Whether it’s a physical task like cleaning the toilet or unblocking the sink, or something more mentally challenging like having a difficult, but necessary, conversation with someone. It’s easy to put off these tasks, quite simply because we don’t want to do them.

If you’re feeling energised and happy, it’s easier to tackle such tasks. They are less likely to bring down your mood as it’s higher to start with. So make the most of your energy high and get some unpleasant and difficult tasks out the way.

4. Do something physically demanding

If you find yourself feeling energetic, it’s a good time to tackle a physically demanding task. This could be a DIY or organisational task such as clearing out your garage or building a garden structure. Or it could be something more leisure-based like taking your very energetic kid to play football with you in the park. Anything that you wouldn’t always have the energy for.

5. Exercise

If you’re feeling an energy high, it’s a good time to get active and do some exercise, especially if you don’t normally do a lot. Chances are you will feel more motivated and inspired to exercise, as well as physically feeling the need to burn some energy. Take yourself for a walk or a run, go to the gym, go swimming, attend a class or try a sport – the possibilities are endless so get moving!

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6. Contact or visit a friend

It can often take physical and mental energy to socialise with friends, especially if you are an introvert. When you’re feeling an energy high, you might be feeling more up for socialising, so it’s a good time to get in touch with a friend or family member to arrange a meet-up, or even just have a phone call.

7. Enjoy the high

There’s no pressure to be productive and get loads of tasks done every time you have an energy high. You can choose to just enjoy the high and do things you enjoy such as hobbies or leisure activities – and that’s absolutely fine. You’ll likely have a great time and feel refreshed when you come back to your ‘productive’ tasks. Remember, leisure time is productive too because it’s good for your mental health.

How Will You Use Your Next Energy High?

How often do you get an energy high? Is it usually triggered by certain circumstances or does it tend to happen randomly? Or are you lucky enough to feel energetic all the time? I’d love to hear about how you use your energy highs, and whether you do any of the suggestions in this post. Let’s talk in the comments!

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7 Valuable Ways To Use An Energy High

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