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9 Creative and Functional Uses for Washi Tape

Washi tape is a type of sticky tape made of thin paper. It originated in Japan where it is made from traditional Japanese paper called washi. Washi tape comes in a huge variety of colours, patterns and thicknesses and it has become very popular in crafting, journaling and home decor over the past several years.

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Several rolls of colourful washi tape neatly lined up.

This is my current collection of washi tapes. As you can see, I have a lot of red and pink coloured tapes at the moment. This is partly because several of them came in the same set which was red and pink themed.

Maybe you have a collection of washi tape yourself, or have been given some as a gift? Or are you completely new to washi tape? In this post, I am going to be sharing with you 9 different creative uses for washi tape that I hope will give you some ideas!

9 Creative and Functional Uses for Washi Tape

1. Sealing envelopes

You can use washi tape to seal envelopes for cards and casual letters. Not only does this seal them more securely, but it also makes them pretty and fun! This is ideal for when you are sending a letter or card to a child. It’s also a good alternative when you don’t want to lick the envelope.

A white envelope that has been sealed with rainbow coloured washi tape. Next to it is a sheet of second class stamps.

2. Creating a pretty margin for a letter

If you are writing a letter to a friend or pen pal, it looks pretty to stick washi tape down the left side of the paper to create a decorative margin. You can also do this in your own journals and diaries to make a page more attractive.

3. Card making

If you make your own greeting cards, washi tape is a great resource to add to your card-making supplies. You can use tape to create borders, or cut it into smaller pieces to create patchwork designs.

Various colourful rolls of washi tape jumbled up in a pile.

4. Wrapping presents

You can experiment with using washi tape instead of sellotape when wrapping presents. I have tried this in the past and I found that it didn’t stick strongly enough to hold the wrapping paper in place. However, if you can find some washi tape with stronger adhesive, and perhaps some lightweight wrapping paper, then it could work.

Another way you can use washi tape for wrapping presents is to decorate some plain brown paper with strips or squares of washi tape. This would be a good way to make custom wrap if you ever run out of wrapping paper.

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5. Decorating journals

As mentioned earlier, you can stick washi tape down the margins of your journals or notebooks to make them extra pretty. You can also use a horizontal line of washi tape to separate journal entries – I do this in one of mine. If you keep a bullet journal, there are unlimited opportunities for decorating it using washi tape.

6. Sticking pages of sheet music together

If you are a musician, you will probably have quite a few loose sheets of music around. Washi tape is perfect for sticking sheets together, side-by-side, which keeps them in the right order and makes it easier to turn the pages. Washi tape could be used for sticking other documents together too.

Several pages of sheet music that have been stuck together with pink and yellow washi tape.

7. Labeling jars, tubs and tins

The good thing about washi tape is that you can write on it. Therefore, a plain coloured washi tape can double up as a sticky label. Just cut a strip of washi tape and write on it when you need to label a jar, tin or tub. Washi tape also peels off more easily than most sticky labels, so it will be easier to replace your labels when needed.

Washi tape could also be used for labelling cardboard boxes, drawers or large storage tubs to remind you of the contents.

A glass jar of ginger sweets that has been labeled 'ginger sweets' using a strip of pink, zig-zag pattered washi tape.

8. Colour-coding chargers

If you have several device chargers that look similar, you can wrap different coloured washi tape around them to help you remember which is which. I already wrote a post about colour-coding chargers with washi tape so do check it out for more info.

Two white chargers that have thin strips of washi tape wrapped round them, in two different patterns.

9. Labeling cables

Similarly, if you have various cables that look similar, you can wrap washi tape around them to make a ‘tag’ on which you can write what the cable is for.

Another way to get your cables organised is to hang them up on blobs of Blu Tack.

Two cables hanging on blobs of white tack. They each have a 'tag' of washi tape wrapped around them.

How do you use washi tape?

Do you have a collection of washi tape? I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to use it in decorative and functional ways. Do you know of any other uses for washi tape? Let me know in the comments!

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9 Creative and Functional Uses for Washi Tape


  1. I have countless washi tapes and use them in my bullet journal. I love the idea of putting them on jars & envelopes 🙂 x

    1. Sophie says:

      I bet they look so pretty in your bullet journal! I’m glad to have given you some more ideas 🙂 x

  2. Dominique Nancy says:

    Brilliant post, Sophie. 👏 Love all your creative ideas. I’ve been using washi tapes for journaling and crafting cards. Your idea for creating lovely letters is wonderful. Definitely something that I will try. 😍

    1. Sophie says:

      Thank you, I’m so glad to have given you some ideas! I bet your journals and handmade cards look beautiful 😍

  3. I don’t know why, but I have never considered using washi tape for labelling cords and chargers. I have plenty of it here at the house (I use it when writing letters to friends)… I think I’m going to have to go on a mini labelling spree. I bet that would make everything SO much easier. With tablets, phones, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. there are SO many chargers kicking around your house!

    1. Sophie says:

      I love labelling things with washi tape, it’s so satisfying and quite addictive! I hope you enjoy your labelling spree!

  4. I am in love with these tape ideas right now! This is brilliant. I had never thought of some of these and am totally going to try it. Especially color coding the electrical cords with washi tape. Wow! Thank you so much for the ideas.

    1. Sophie says:

      I’m so glad that you love these ideas! I hope you enjoy colour coding your electrical cords!

  5. So many cute ideas! I love the idea of using it to jazz up letters and envelopes. I’m sending lots of stuff through to post right now!


    1. Sophie says:

      It’s so great for jazzing up envelopes and making them more secure too! x

  6. I haven’t used washi tape before but I love the different ways you can use it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Sophie says:

      Thanks for reading! I love how versatile and pretty washi tape is!

  7. I never thought of any of these uses – such handy and helpful posts! And, a good way to add a little bit of colour x

    1. Sophie says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Washi tape is such a great way to add colour x

  8. What cute ideas! Smart ones too. I have some of this tape as it was gifted to me, and I have used only a bit of it in my planner, but now there are definitely other ways I can use thanks to you. I might need more tape!

    1. Sophie says:

      Thank you! I’m glad to have given you some more ideas of how to use your tape 🙂

  9. Abby C says:

    I use it to color code plain white fold-out magazine file holders. “In Progress” paperwork for each family member or household task gets their own box, and the tape can easily be removed and changed as needed.

    1. Sophie says:

      That’s such a good idea to colour code magazine file holders! Thank you for sharing.

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