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How To Colour-Code Chargers Using Washi Tape

Do you have a few chargers (for your phone, tablet or other devices) that look very similar? Here’s an easy tip that will help you to identify the right charger quickly and easily. Use washi tape to colour code chargers!

How to colour code your chargers

Wrap a strip of coloured or patterned washi tape (or any other coloured tape) around each charger, like in the pictures:

A phone charger with patterned washi tape wrapped around it
A tablet charger with striped washi tape wrapped around it
Two chargers with washi tape wrapped around them

Now, I can easily learn and remember that the swirly patterned charger is for my phone, and the striped charger is for my tablet, without having to look closely at the writing on the chargers. I think they look pretty too! If you don’t have coloured tape, you could use stickers instead.

Not just for chargers…

Of course, you could use this tip to colour code all sorts of other things as well. For example, light switches, cables… anything that tends to look the same but has different purposes. Get creative!

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How To Colour-Code Chargers Using Washi Tape

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