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How To Organise Cables Using Blu Tack

Do you often have a lot of loose cables hanging around, for example, earphones, or USB cables for various devices? You may keep them in a drawer, but because you use them frequently, they may often end up hanging around your desk and getting in the way. This was definitely true for me!

How to keep your charger cables tidy and organised.

My Solution – Blu Tack Hooks!

If you don’t mind sticking Blu Tack (or any similar brand of tack) to your furniture or walls, you can use this quick and easy hack. Simply stick a blob of tack to the desired vertical surface to make a ‘hook’ and you can hang cables from it. The tack will be strong enough to hold small, light cables. You can experiment with the size and shape of blob required!

Various cables hanging on blu tack hooks

This hack keeps cables handy, but without them getting in the way. 

You’ve probably noticed another hack of mine in the pictures. I fold a piece of washi tape (paper tape) around my cables to make a tag and write on it what the cable is for. This helps me to organise my cables, and remember which cable is for which device.

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I hope you find these tips helpful!

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The best way to organise all of those loose cables hanging around on your desk.

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