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Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley – Book Review

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I recently received a free review copy of Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley, published by TCK Publishing. This book shares expert advice and techniques for how to improve your memory and remember long lists of information. I was excited to read it because it sounded so fascinating!

Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley - Learn Expert Techniques to Improve Your Memory

Who is Kevin Horsley?

Kevin Horsley is an international professional speaker and has earned the title, ‘Grandmaster of Memory’ for his impressive mental abilities and work in this field. He holds the world record for memorising the first 10,000 digits of pi.

Kevin has conducted years of research into the capabilities of the human mind. He makes it his mission to share this information with individuals and organisations through his speaking, teaching and this bestselling book.

You can find out more about Kevin Horsley on his website.

What is Unlimited Memory about?

Unlimited Memory is a book that will make you think differently about your memory and the capabilities of your brain. Kevin Horsley explains how our memories work and how our brains have the potential to store limitless amounts of information if we use them in the right way. He shares his simple yet effective techniques for developing your memory and remembering vast amounts of information and data.

You will learn techniques for remembering lists, passages of text, useful trivia, names and long numbers. You don’t need to have a desire to become the next World Champion of memory. These techniques can truly make a huge difference to your everyday life if you are willing to put the effort in to learn them.

My experience with reading Unlimited Memory

This book was such an interesting read! It was quick and easy and only took me about 2 hours in total to read, spread across two days.

It took a while for the book to get on to the actual memory techniques. The first few chapters consist of general personal development advice that sets the reader up to actually take action on improving their memory. This includes questioning limiting beliefs and building concentration.

The advice in these starting chapters is good, even though it is not directly related to the topic of memory. Some readers might get impatient with these chapters because they might already have the right mindset and motivation to improve their memory, and just want to get straight on to the techniques. I personally didn’t mind reading these chapters because they were still quite short and it was all good advice.

This book does go off-topic a little bit. For example, when it is teaching you how to memorise a list, it often uses lists of principles taken from other personal development books that the author is clearly a fan of. As well as just teaching you how to learn the information, the author goes into why we should memorise those particular principles. Some readers might not be interested in memorising personal development material. They might just want to learn how to memorise their shopping list or revise for an exam.

The Powerful Book That Could Transform Your Memory

Do the memory techniques work?

I thought the techniques themselves were really clever! I tried out the suggested examples as I went through the book, and they really worked. In order to get the full benefit of the techniques, you will need to practice them regularly, and the author reiterates this several times in the book. However, I think the techniques are simple enough that nearly anyone can learn them!

I say ‘nearly anyone’ because these techniques rely on the ability to form pictures in your mind. There exists a condition called Aphantasia which affects an estimated 2% of the population. People with Aphantasia cannot form pictures in their mind. Therefore I imagine that these memory techniques would unfortunately not work for them. This is something that the author does not mention in this book. In fact, he claims that everybody can form pictures in their mind. Aphantasia is quite a newly discovered condition so perhaps Kevin Horsley had not heard of it at the time when this book was written.

Before I read this book, I didn’t think I had a bad memory, or that I particularly needed to improve my memory. I was just curious and fascinated to find out how memory experts remember such vast amounts of information. However, after reading this book, I can see how these memory techniques are not just for beating a world record, but they can be hugely valuable in anybody’s life. I genuinely intend to put these techniques into practice the next time I need to remember some information.

Would I recommend Unlimited Memory?

This book is a total game-changer! I would recommend it to anyone who feels they have a bad memory or wants to improve their memory in general. Even if you don’t feel this way, you might be surprised by how much these memory techniques could benefit you.

I would especially recommend this book if you are studying for any exams. These techniques could help you to pass your exam(s) with flying colours and retain the information you have learned for life, instead of forgetting it after the exam.

You can purchase Unlimited Memory on Amazon in a paperback or Kindle edition or visit TCK Publishing to find out about their other bestselling books and new releases.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5!

4 stars
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Book Review - Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley


  1. This looks really interesting. I love the idea of improving my ability to remember lists and other important things – it’s an area that I don’t fail at, but that I know would be better! I mean, we could all improve to some degree. Right? I try to push myself to read some sort of personal development or business-related book each month. This looks like a great option to add to the list.

    1. Sophie says:

      I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this book. Like you, I didn’t feel that I especially needed to improve my memory, but having read it, I can see that the techniques would be so helpful!

  2. This sounds so interesting! It definitely sounds like a book I’d enjoy. Adding it to my list!

    1. Sophie says:

      It was a really interesting book! I hope you enjoy it if you do read it!

  3. I’ve always been really proud of my memory, it’s like my party trick. I can remember loads. Because of that, I want to unlock even more and use it even more. This book sounds very interesting – something really different for me!


    1. Sophie says:

      That’s awesome that you already have a great memory! I think you’d enjoy this book and pick up the techniques really easily!

  4. Brilliant review! This book sounds like something I need as honestly, my memory can be awful xx

    1. Sophie says:

      I think you’d love this book then! I didn’t even think I had a bad memory until I read this book and realised how much better it could potentially be! xx

  5. This book sounds really great and I would love to try some memory exercises. I am really surprised to know there are some people who can’t see pictures in their mind. Thanks for sharing your super informative review and information!

    1. Sophie says:

      I really recommend this book! I was also really surprised when I learned that some people couldn’t see pictures in their mind. I read a blog post about it a while back written by someone with the condition! x

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