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The Shruum: A Supplement for Clarity, Focus, Mood and Memory

AD | This post features a product that has been gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.

I’m always interested to try different supplements that have the potential to improve my life. When I was contacted by the wellness company Jrny with the opportunity to try their new product, The Shruum, I was intrigued. This powder supplement claims to give neurological benefits that I never knew a supplement could give. Could a blend of mushrooms, cocoa and other plant extracts really improve mood, memory, focus, clarity and performance to any significant degree? I was keen to find out, and in this post I’ll be sharing my experience trying The Shruum.

What are the ingredients of The Shruum and what are their effects? How did the drink taste, and most importantly, did it work? Read on to find out!

What is The Shruum?

The Shruum, by Jrny, is a powdered blend of mushroom extracts, nootropics, natural caffeine and cocoa, which can be drunk hot or cold with water or milk, or added to coffee, smoothies or protein shakes. It is especially designed as a supplement for people with ADHD, but is suitable and beneficial for anybody. Its benefits include:

  • Improved and sustained focus
  • Improved short-term memory
  • Calm, positive moods
  • Energy boost without jitters or crashes
  • Strengthened immune system

I don’t have ADHD myself but I was interested to gain all the benefits, especially the calm, positive moods.

A pouch of The Shruum by Jrny on a bench outdoors.

The active ingredients

These are the active ingredients of The Shruum, and their claimed benefits:

  • Lion’s Mane mushroom – restores levels of dopamine and seratonin. Enhances memory, focus, learning and emotional processing.
  • Cordyceps mushroom – boosts energy and performance.
  • Chaga mushroom – boosts the immune system. Enhances mood and helps with stress reduction.
  • Maitake mushroom – boosts the immune system.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – relieves stress, fatigue and burnout. Alleviates symptoms of ADHD.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – enhances cognitive function including memory. Improves circulation. Modulates dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine signalling.
  • Caffeine – enhances long-term memory. Increases the production of dopamine for mood enhancement.
  • Cacao – positively impacts stress levels, mood, memory, and immune function.

The packaging

The powder comes in a plastic pouch. I would describe the packaging design as ‘retro’ style – it gives 70s vibes. I think the name ‘The Shruum’ is a play on words, evoking ‘shrooms’ i.e. magic mushrooms. The whole design has a psychedelic feel about it, which I think is deliberate. To be clear, this product is NOT magic mushrooms or any kind of psychedelic drug but the packaging gives that impression in a jokey way – like it’s ‘magic mushrooms’ but it’s actually not.

The Shruum doesn’t come with a scoop, and they do this for environmental reasons, to prevent a build-up of disposable scoops. You can buy a stainless steel scoop separately on their website. I think it’s good that they do this because it avoid unnecessary plastic waste. However, it does make it harder to know how much powder to add.

In the instructions on the pouch, they give the measurements based on their own scoop, which is a little unfair given that you have to buy it separately. Without buying a scoop, it’s hard to judge how big the scoop is, and how it compares to a normal teaspoon. They say 3 scoops = 7g but it’s tricky to weigh out such a small amount.

Overall, I think it’s good that they don’t include a disposable scoop, but they ought to give their measurements in teaspoons too, to make it fair to those who can’t budget to buy one of their reusable scoops.

A pouch of The Shruum by Jrny on a table outdoors.

What is The Shruum like to drink?

The Shruum can be added to hot or cold water or milk, or even added into other drinks such as smoothies or protein shakes. I have mostly had it with hot water. To me, it tastes like hot chocolate, and it’s a warming, comforting drink, perfect for a cold winter or spring morning. It’s rich and chocolatey and not too sweet, with that slight bitterness of cocoa. I can’t taste the mushrooms or any of the other ingredients aside from cocoa which I assume masks them.

I’ve also tried drinking The Shruum cold, with oat milk. It was harder to dissolve into the cold milk and would probably work better using a blender, but unfortunately mine is broken so I couldn’t try that. For some reason, the drink tasted noticeably sweeter in cold oat milk, even thought I used unsweetened milk. Maybe the creaminess compared to water gives the impression of it being sweeter, similar to the effect of milk chocolate compared to dark chocolate. The milk probably softens the bitterness. I think overall, I prefer drinking The Shruum hot but the cold version would be nice in the summer, maybe even blended with some fruit.

I like that this drink is sugar-free, and the sweetener used is a natural one, Stevia, rather than artificial sweeteners like aspartame or acesulfame K. I’ve read that Stevia has some controversy too but not as much as the others, so I’m happy with its use to sweeten this product especially as each 7g serving will only contain a small amount.

A red mug containing a dark brown drink which is The Shruum by Jrny.

My routine drinking The Shruum

I started off drinking The Shruum in the mid mornings. It contains caffeine, and although it claims not to produce jitters because it contains other active ingredients that are supposed to be calming, I didn’t want to risk drinking it later in the day in case I couldn’t sleep. I usually avoid caffeine for reasons of avoiding anxiety, so I was a little worried that taking this might spike my anxiety but at the same time I felt reassured that it is not supposed to.

After a couple of weeks, I realised that my teeth were getting stained by the drink. Being cocoa based, it’s hard to get around the fact that it will stain your teeth. However, I managed to reduce the amount of staining by switching to drinking it earlier in the day, straight after my breakfast and before I brushed my teeth. I usually brush my teeth a little while after breakfast and since having the drink before brushing my teeth, I’ve found the teeth staining has reduced.

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A pouch of The Shruum by Jrny next to a red mug.

Did I notice any neurological effects from taking The Shruum?

When I first started taking The Shruum, I really felt as if I was getting the claimed benefits, right from day 1. ‘Clarity, focus, mood and memory’ – I felt I noticed an improvement in all of those, and just generally felt great. However, I was well aware both at the time and now that this could have been a placebo effect. I thought this drink would give me those feelings and effects, and I had those words repeating in my mind because it was all new.

After about a week or two I started noticing I had some more anxious and low mood phases again which unsettled me because I hoped this drink had banished those. I do tend to go through natural cycles with my moods and wellbeing so when I started the drink, that may have just coincided with a ‘good’ phase. 

From what I’ve experienced, the perceived effects of this product seem to have faded over time, but I suspect it may have all been psychological – the placebo effect to start with, and then the novelty wearing off. But maybe I did experience real effects and just got used to them.

At the time of writing, I have been taking The Shruum every day for almost two months. Despite initially believing I noticed a difference, I cannot say that I have noticed any definite, lasting, dramatic effects from it, certainly not in terms of mood or energy. I think it might have positively influenced my ability to focus and my creativity, but it’s so hard to measure this!

Despite my uncertainty over whether this product works for me, I plan to continue taking it until at least the 3-month mark because it states on the website that it can take 3 months or more to achieve the maximum benefit. I already ordered a second packet and might order another. However, if after my next packet runs out I don’t feel I’m achieving significant benefits, I would probably stop taking it because it’s a big financial investment if I’m only getting minimal gains.

A pouch of The Shruum by Jrny on a shelf outdoors.

How much does The Shruum cost, and is it worth it?

That brings me onto the cost. At full price, The Shruum is quite expensive, at £49.99 a pouch. Each pouch is meant to last 30 days, so it works out as about £1.67 a day. There are also options for subscribe and save, discounts for buying in bulk, and the option to pay in instalments.

Despite initially seeming expensive, I think that if you really notice positive effects from The Shruum then it’s worth it. I’d pay a lot more than £1.67 a day to be free from anxiety, have a consistent good mood and experience clarity and focus, all while getting to enjoy a nice chocolatey drink. That said, if I don’t notice significant benefits going forward, then I probably won’t continue taking The Shruum due to the price.

All in all, I think if you can budget to try The Shruum for a few months, then it’s well worth doing so, because you could potentially get some really good benefits for your health, mental wellbeing and performance. Everyone is different, and just because I haven’t noticed a pronounced improvement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you wouldn’t.

I think it would be especially worth trying The Shruum if you have ADHD, as it is designed for people with ADHD in particular. If you have ADHD and you’ve tried this product, I’d be really interested to hear about your experience – do let me know in the comments below!

Also, let me know if you’d be interested in reading an update after I have been taking The Shruum for another month or so. I can share whether I notice any more effects from taking this supplement for a longer period of time.

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The Shruum: A Supplement For Clarity, Focus, Mood and Memory

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