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6 Practical Ways To Sleep More Comfortably At Night

AD | This post features products that have been gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Night time should be a time of complete comfort and relaxation. It goes without saying that we need a good amount of quality sleep to be able to function our best during the day. There are many factors affecting our sleep, but so much of good sleep comes down to comfort. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, trying and failing to get comfortable, knowing that we are going to feel tired the next day due to a lack of deep and comfortable sleep.

How can we sleep better at night? As comfort is such a huge factor, it’s well worth optimising our comfort levels in order to sleep better and wake up more refreshed. In this post I will be sharing some practical ways to sleep more comfortably at night, with the help of my featured brand: Simba.

Introducing Simba

Within this post I’ll be showcasing some products from Simba, a company dedicated to creating high-quality beds, mattresses and bedding with the latest technology for your night time comfort. They use innovative materials and technology which make their products as comfortable, breathable and cooling as possible, allowing for the best night’s sleep.

Simba are a sustainable and socially responsible company, having been awarded B Corp™ accreditation and they are working to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030. They have a mattress recycling scheme, they use sustainable materials and processes, they recycle or repurpose all their waste, and all their deliveries are 100% carbon neutral. They also partner with charities like The Sleep Charity that help and support people to get better sleep.

It’s rare to find a company that incorporates the latest science and technology into their products, and at the same time takes environmental and social issues seriously. Simba is certainly the kind of company I like to support and I’m proud to be featuring their products in this post.

6 Ways To Sleep More Comfortably At Night

1. Use a Mattress Topper

Maybe you already have a comfortable mattress, or maybe yours is a little old, worn or just uncomfortable? Either way, it’s always possible to increase the comfort of your mattress by investing in a mattress topper, like the Simba Hybrid Topper. This is a more affordable option than getting a whole new mattress!

Not only does the Simba mattress topper keep you cushioned and comfortable with its unique micro springs, but it also helps with temperature control. It has a breathable mesh border to allow heat to escape, and contains Simbatex® foam which is less dense than traditional memory foam, and draws heat away from the body.

A Simba mattress topper on a single bed.

The mattress topper attaches to any bed with stretchy straps on the corners which keep it in place. I ordered the Single size and it fits perfectly on my single mattress. It feels so soft and squishy yet supportive to lie on. The first time I used it, I didn’t sleep as well as I normally do because it felt different to what I was used to, but I soon got used to it and I’ve since been sleeping really well. I’m impressed with how well it regulates my temperature – I don’t get too cold or too hot.

The topper looks so aesthetic with it’s breathable mesh border and Simba logo. I love that it can be easily rolled up and taken with you for travel, so you can make any bed comfortable when you are away from home.

A close up of the 'Simba' label on a Simba mattress topper.

2. Upgrade your pillows

Good quality pillows can make a huge difference to your comfort levels at night. A quality pillow like the Simba Hybrid Pillow will support your head and also provide temperature control due to its layer of ‘cool-touch’ Stratos® heat tech which draws away excess heat.

A Simba pillow.

It’s important to make sure your pillows are a comfortable height for you. Many people use two pillows to achieve the height they want, but with the Simba Hybrid Pillow you can bypass the need for two because it is adjustable in height. The pillow is filled with small, foam cubes which are soft but allow for airflow throughout the pillow, keeping your head cool. To adjust the height of the pillow, you simply take out or add cubes until you get your desired height. The pillow comes with a storage bag where you can store excess cubes. This is such a unique and cool design and I love it!

Foam cubes inside an unzipped Simba pillow.

This pillow is so plump, soft and cushiony and it feels so satisfying to lay my head on. Aesthetically, I love the colours and design – it has a grey mesh edging, designed to increase airflow, and a light blue panel with the Simba logo and it just looks so high quality. I liked the height of the pillow and I didn’t feel the need to take any cubes out to adjust the height. The pillow has been keeping my head cool at night and feels so comfy!

A Simba pillow.

The cotton pillow cover is removable and washable so you don’t even need to use a pillow case although you could if you wanted to.

3. Get the temperature right

We’ve already touched on the importance of being the right temperature at night, but this deserves a section of it’s own as it’s such a big factor in helping you sleep more comfortably at night. If you’re too hot or too cold, you’re going to struggle to get to sleep and you’ll keep waking up.

In general, it’s better to start off on the cooler side because you will heat up throughout the night. On many occasions when I’ve felt chilly, I’ve wrapped up really warm in bed, wearing warm pyjamas and even a jumper, and adding extra blankets to my bed. This usually turns out to be a mistake because although it feels so comfy when I go to bed, I wake up sweating and dehydrated in the night and end up shedding clothing and blankets throughout the night, which disturbs my sleep.

We’ve already seen that temperature regulating mattress toppers and pillows are one way to keep comfortable, but here are some other ways to regulate your temperature at night:

To stay warm:

  • Wear warm pyjamas
  • Add blankets to your bed
  • Use a hot water bottle
  • Wear socks to bed

Just don’t go overboard with these things – remember that you will heat up during the night!

To stay cool:

  • Wear cool pyjamas
  • Open your bedroom window
  • Use lighter, thinner bedding
  • Keep a cool drink by your bed
  • Consider sleeping in a separate bed to your partner if applicable
  • Don’t wear socks to bed

4. Bring a cuddly toy to bed

Do you have a favourite teddy bear or soft toy you love to cuddle at night? There’s no shame in cuddling a teddy bear even if you’re an adult! Bringing a cuddly toy to bed is a valid way to feel more comfortable at night – it provides psychological comfort which can have as big an effect as physical comfort.

5. Try different sleeping positions

Most of us have habitual sleeping positions that we tend towards – personally I sleep on my side although I sometimes wake up sleeping on my back! If you’re uncomfortable at night, try sleeping in a different position to usual – you might find it helps you sleep more comfortably.

6. Think about fabrics

The fabric of your pyjamas and bedding can make a big difference to your comfort levels at night. Fleecy fabrics feel soft and comforting and will help keep you warm in the colder months, but you might find yourself overheating in summer. Smooth, silky fabrics like cotton or satin will keep you cool and may be more comfortable in summer.

Putting It To Bed

As we’ve learned, there are many ways to sleep more comfortably at night, including switching up your pillows, adding a mattress topper, regulating your temperature and trying different fabrics and sleeping positions. Even the smallest practical changes could make a big difference to your comfort at night and improve your quality of sleep, so they are worth trying, even if you already sleep quite comfortably.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Simba for sending me their mattress topper and pillow to include in this post. Make sure to check out their website as they have some amazing products for your night time comfort that could truly revolutionise your sleep.

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6 Practical Ways To Sleep More Comfortably At Night


  1. These are good tips for a better sleep quality. I love sleeping with my fat cat plushy. She makes me feel safe. I love using lavender sleep balm as well.

    1. Sophie says:

      Aww, your fat cat plushy sounds so comforting! Lavender sleep balm is a great idea too, lavender is such a relaxing scent.

  2. That pillow sounds like it would help a person sleep comfortably.

    1. Sophie says:

      I’ve been using it and it really is so comfortable!

  3. I recently found switching to a summer 4.5 tog duvet helped improve my sleep. I’d always used a 10.5 tog, but found I was sweating when using it, even during the winter. Simple changes can have a big effect

    1. Sophie says:

      I’m glad you found a solution that helped you sleep better! I also have a thinner duvet I switch to in the summer. Small changes really can make a big difference.

  4. I think my sleep is not that comfortable with the pillow because it is not good anymore. Love this post. I will follow these steps.

    1. Sophie says:

      It sounds like it may be time for a new pillow! Thanks for reading, I hope these steps help you.

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