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Brightening Up February with New Posters from Poster Store

AD | This post features products that have been gifted to me in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are honest and my own.

Winter is coming to an end now, but the warmer, brighter days of spring are not quite here yet. To help me brighten up my room for February, Poster Store has kindly sent me a selection of posters and frames. You may remember I have collaborated with Poster Store before, including last year when I gave my bedroom a Spring glow-up. Poster store is a Scandinavian company that produces beautiful and affordable posters and frames to decorate your home. They have a huge selection of posters on themes that include nature, architecture and typography, with a new collection released every Tuesday, so there is something for every taste.

Read on to learn more about Poster Store and find out what posters I chose for different areas of my bedroom. I’ll also be sharing a discount code where you can get 35% off posters for your own decor!

Brightening Up February With New Posters from Poster Store

My main gallery wall

Ever since my first collaboration with Poster Store, I have been working on a gallery wall. It started with just 6 framed posters and I have added more over time, bringing the current total to 10. I’ve enjoyed switching up the posters for the changing seasons. For February, I decided to go for cheerful pastel colours and fairly minimalistic art prints, which differ from the more photographic posters I have chosen in the past.

A gallery wall of botanical and landscape posters in pastel colours.

Being a plant lover, it’s hard to keep myself away from a botanical theme, so flowers and foliage feature heavily in my poster choices. The largest posters I chose feature blossom, to signify that spring is on the way. Between these large posters is a set of two small posters featuring blue flowers, titled ‘Galerie d’Art ABSTRAIT’, ‘Fleures Bleues’ No. 1 and No. 2. I like that they feature French writing because I am learning French at the moment. I chose another small poster with dark blue flowers, two medium posters with minimalistic foliage patterns, and one of some orange flowers in a vase.

A gallery wall of botanical and landscape posters in pastel colours.

I also chose a couple of posters that feature the sun. One is a landscape of some mountains and the sun reflected in water, and the other shows the sun against a blue sky with a flock of birds passing over it. These posters provide contrast to the botanical theme but they have similar colours so they tie in well.

Since the start, I have been using gold-coloured metal frames for my gallery wall, and I added two new ones this time. I really like the gold frames because they match the rest of my bedroom decor, including the mirror to the left of the posters. It’s great that Poster Store offers frames in many different colours and materials to match any aesthetic.

A gallery wall of botanical and landscape posters in pastel colours.

Flowers and Fruits

On the other side of my room, I have a lot of shelving, but there is space below the highest shelf to hang some posters. For this side of my room, I chose a flower and fruit theme. These two ‘Fruit Exhibition’ posters really drew my attention as I loved the fresh, bright colours and designs.

Two fruit-themed posters in white frames, hanging beneath a shelf. Below them is a large houseplant.

I felt that the ‘Florence Flower Market’ and the ‘Fleur de Jardin Botanique’ posters matched the two fruit posters because of the similar style, colours and text placement. I just think all four of these posters look so cheerful!

A floral poster in green and white colours, with text reading 'Fleur de Jardin, Botanique'. The poster is surrounded by house plants.

I put all these posters in white wooden frames, three of which I had from previous collaborations with Poster Store, and one I received this time. The white frames have such a fresh, clean look which perfectly compliments the aesthetic of these posters.

A display of shelving, houseplants and botanical posters.

You’ll also notice a butterfly poster in a standing frame beneath the others. The frame is not from Poster Store, it’s one I owned previously, but I filled it with this butterfly poster from Poster Store. I love the simplicity of the monochrome butterfly design and I think it’s a cheerful symbol of life that matches well with the rest of my poster collection.

Botanical and nature-themed posters in white frames, alongside several house plants.

As you can probably tell from the photos, I am plant-obsessed, to say the least! I think my posters match nicely with my houseplants and provide an additional element of decoration to my room that complements the plants.

A season of love

The month of February does of course contain Valentine’s day and is seen by many as a season of love. To mark this, I filled a small space on my wall with a couple of love-themed posters. The upper poster simply features three overlapping pink hearts, and I think it’s so sweet and pretty. Below that, I layered a couple of posters that I got in a previous Poster Store collaboration, to feature the word ‘love’ with some pink flowers in the background.

A poster of three overlapping pink hearts, and another poster reading 'love' with pink flowers in the background. Both are in rose gold frames.

For this love-themed area, I chose two copper-coloured metal frames from Poster Store. I would describe these as rose gold – they definitely have a pink tint which perfectly matches the theme.


I like to support sustainable companies, and I’m pleased to say that Poster Store takes sustainability seriously. All of their posters are printed on sustainably produced paper, which is FSC and Nordic Swan certified. This means that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards. Poster Store also minimises its carbon footprint through smart logistics and short transport routes.

Another aspect of sustainability is packaging, and I can tell that Poster Store has put thought into this. My order arrived in a cardboard box which was easy to open by simply peeling a tab – no need for scissors and no plastic tape in sight. The box was decorated with ‘arty’ words which I think looked really cool.

A cardboard box with art-themed text all over it.

Within the box, the posters themselves were packaged in a cardboard sleeve – again, no plastic. The frames were wrapped in plastic film, and a small amount of empty space in the box was filled with ‘sealed air’ plastic packaging. I can understand the need for this packaging to protect the frames, but I’m sure there must be a plastic-free option they could consider, such as compostable film. Overall though, the packaging was minimal and my order fit snugly inside the box.

Poster Sizes

Poster Store offers posters in a range of sizes, from 13 x 18cm all the way up to 70 x 100cm. This creates a lot of scope for customisation, as you can choose posters to fit your space and have a variety of large and small posters. That said, I do wish they would release more of their posters in the smallest size, 13 x 18cm, because there is only a limited selection available in that size.

A gallery wall of botanical and landscape posters in pastel colours.

From previous collaborations with Poster Store, I already had 3 frames in the 13 x 18 size which I wanted to fill again this time, but I found it difficult to find posters in that size that fitted my chosen theme. Although I really like the small posters that I chose, I feel they don’t match my theme as well as the larger ones, but they were the best fit out of the small posters that I liked.

I only have a limited amount of wall space that I can decorate, so I like to go for smaller posters while still having a variety of sizes. This way I can have more posters in my space rather than just one or two big ones. I’m sure many people are in a similar position, including students and younger people who only have one room to decorate rather than a whole house. Therefore I’m sure many people would appreciate having more choice of posters in the smallest size.

Two fruit-themed posters (papaya and lime) in white frames. There is a large house plant beneath them.

Overall, I’m so happy with my new posters from Poster Store and I love how the different themed areas of my room have turned out. What’s your favourite poster from my collection? Let me know in the comments below!

How do you decorate your home in February?

Do you tend to keep wintery decor throughout February, or do you start to bring in some Spring colours and designs? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Or does your home tend to look the same all year round? If you’re looking to switch things up this month, I recommend having a browse of Poster Store. Putting up some posters is such a simple yet effective way to change the look of a room and add some brightness at any time of year.

You can use the code BRILLIANTDAY to get 35% off posters from Poster Store. This excludes selection posters and is not combinable with other discount campaigns. Only valid from 22nd – 24th February 2023 so get in there quick!

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Fresh Bedroom Decor For February Featuring Poster Store


  1. These are really lovely.
    My daughter does alot of art work so our house has lots of her designs up.
    If I ever fancy a change I will check out Poster Store.

    1. Sophie says:

      I think that’s lovely that you have your daughter’s artwork up in your house! There’s something really special about homemade art, but Poster Store is a good backup option!

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