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My Spring Bedroom Glow-Up with Poster Store

AD | This post features products that have been gifted to me in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are honest and my own.

I’m excited to be working with Poster Store again for this blog post. Poster Store is a Swedish company that sells high-quality, stylish, sustainably produced posters and frames at affordable prices. I previously shared my Summer and Winter bedroom decor featuring Poster Store, and now I am collaborating again for Spring!

I have chosen a selection of posters and frames to give my bedroom a glow-up for Spring. Poster Store has so many lovely posters to choose from that it’s always hard to make a decision on which ones to get. However, I had fun browsing their collection and I am happy with my choices! Read on to see which posters I chose for my Spring bedroom and how I displayed them.

At the end of this post, I also share my special discount code which gets you 45% off posters from Poster Store! So make sure to check that out.

Expanding my Poster Collection for Spring

What theme did I choose for my Spring bedroom?

I decided on a plant theme for my Spring bedroom. I think plants link nicely to Spring because they are a symbol of new life, growth and thriving. I’m also a big fan of plants and I have many houseplants in my bedroom. I thought plant-themed posters would complement the plants in my room really well.

As well as plant-themed posters, I also chose a few posters with inspirational quotes on them. I’m a fan of quote posters and I like to integrate them into my poster displays because I find them inspiring to read. They also vary up my posters and help to give a clean, uncluttered look.

I went for a colour scheme of green (obviously, for plants!), light pink, cream and white. This colour scheme is light, airy and spring-like with the green symbolising new life and the light pink linking to blossom.

My main gallery wall

A wall covered in several posters featuring plants, flowers and quotes in a green, pink and white theme. They are in gold frames.

You might notice that my ‘gallery wall’ has expanded since I shared my Summer and Winter decor. This is because after choosing posters to fill the frames already had, I had enough budget left over to buy two new frames (a larger 30x40cm and a small 13x18cm) and posters to fill them. I got two more gold coloured frames to match the ones I already had on this wall.

I debated over where to put my new frames – over to the right above my shelving, or to the left next to my mirror. As you can see, I decided to put them on the left. Overall, I’m happy with the layout of my gallery wall. I think it would look better with another medium-sized poster filling the space at the top, so I intend to add one there in the future.

A gallery wall of posters featuring plants, flowers and quotes. The colour scheme is pink, green and white, and the posters are in gold frames. There is also a gold mirror on the wall and a Ficus houseplant.

The posters I chose

I’ll talk through the posters I chose for this wall. On the top left, I got a poster featuring a Bird of Paradise plant. I actually have one of these plants in my room, so this poster immediately stood out to me! I got it in a large size and I love that it matches my real plant as well as the colour scheme.

Below the Bird of Paradise plant poster are two small prints, one of a shadow of a palm leaf and one of a white aloe vera plant. These are a more subtle reference to the plant theme and I love how minimalistic they look. I don’t think these two posters match the colour scheme so well but I still really like them.

Beneath the two smaller posters is another large one of some pink flowers. I’m not even sure what type of flowers they are but they appealed to me because they look pretty and unique and this poster matches the colour scheme so well.

For the middle of my gallery wall I chose two quote posters – ‘Stronger than yesterday’ and ‘Good things take time’, I really like these quotes because they are a great reminder to keep on persevering towards my goals. I also love the colours because quote posters are often in black and white, so to have the pink and green makes a nice change and fits so well with my chosen colour scheme.

A gallery wall of posters featuring flowers, plants and quotes.

On the top right, I chose a print of pink peonies on a green background. Again, this fits perfectly into the colour scheme and the peonies are so pretty! Below this is a smaller print of a pink flower which I actually got in my first collaboration with Poster Store. I decided to include it again because it fits so well with my new posters.

The other side of my room

On the other side of my room, I went for bolder, darker foliage prints. I think these really stand out in the white wooden frames that I got from Poster Store in my Winter collaboration. I have a lot of houseplants in that area of my room so I like how the posters compliment my plants and give the illusion that I have even more plants.

Several plant-themed posters in white frames, on a wall. In front of them are several houseplants and a framed print of the quote 'Don't be like the rest of them darling.'

As a contrast, I also got a print with the quote ‘Don’t be like the rest of them darling’ which I believe is a quote from Coco Chanel. This quote is a great reminder to just be myself! The frame I used for this one is not from Poster Store, so I had to slightly trim the edges of this poster to get it to fit as the sizing was different. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and the bold print stands out among all my plants.

A framed print of the quote 'Don't be like the rest of them darling'. It is surrounded by houseplants.

A note about packaging

I like to talk about how sustainable the packaging is for different brands. Poster Store gets a thumbs up from me because their packaging is mostly cardboard so it is recyclable. In fact, they seem to have made their packaging more sustainable since I last received posters from them. Before, the posters were packaged in a plastic sleeve but this time they were packaged only in cardboard. I love the sticker they use to fasten the packaging – it reads ‘There is Art Inside’. Such a nice touch!

A cardboard box sealed with a sticker that reads 'There is Art Inside'.

The frames that I ordered were wrapped in plastic, and there was some sealed air plastic padding to protect them. This is fair enough because the frames are breakable so they needed good protection. Also, I can reuse the sealed air packaging when I am sending parcels.

Two gold coloured picture frames, one large and one small. They are wrapped in plastic film and resting on an open cardboard box that has sealed air packaging in.

Do you decorate your home with posters?

Before I collaborated with Poster Store, I never would have thought to put framed posters up in my room. Now that I have, I am so pleased with the result! They really brighten up my room and I love how I can switch them up and change the theme each season. I also love how poster displays can be motivational as well as decorative, by including quotes. A big thank you to Poster Store for this collaboration – I love my new posters!

Have you given your home a glow-up this Spring? Have you ever created a gallery wall? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you’ve done.

If you’d like to get any posters, I am pleased to be able to offer you a 45% discount for all posters from Poster Store, using the code BRILLIANTDAY45. This excludes selection posters and frames and is not combinable with other discount campaigns. The code is valid from the 28th April until the 6th May.

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My Spring Bedroom Glow-Up with Poster Store


  1. Ooh I love this! I’ve heard so many great things about Poster Store before and I love your selection too. I love the Bird of Paradise and peonies posters and the way your green ones complement the plants! It’s great to see they’re taking strides to be more sustainable with their packaging too, especially since you last collaborated! Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Sophie says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m so glad you like the posters I chose. I agree, it’s so great that Poster Store are becoming more sustainable with their packaging! x

  2. You have picked up some brilliant prints! They look so beautiful and really add colour and spring to your walls. Thank you for sharing Sophie!

    1. Sophie says:

      Thank you Lauren, I’m so glad you like the prints I chose!

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