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How To Have Great Looking Hair All Day – Featuring Sunmay

AD | This post features a product that has been gifted to me in exchange for a review. It also contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through my link, I will earn a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay for the item. All opinions are honest and my own.

Sometimes I feel like I have the most wayward hair on the planet. It’s somewhere between wavy and curly, and it’s not very thick which means however I style it, it tends to revert back to random curls and pieces of hair sticking out in different directions. Though it feels as though everyone else has ‘better’ hair than me, I’m sure I’m not alone in my hair struggles and there are many of you out there who can relate. In this post, I will be sharing some tips that have helped me personally to keep my hair looking its best throughout the day.

How To Keep Your Hair Looking Great All Day Featuring Sunmay

How To Have Great Looking Hair All Day

1. Pack a cordless straightener/curler in your bag

Are you someone who relies on a hair straightener or curler to make your hair look nice? I definitely am – I usually let the main body of my hair go into its natural curls but I always straighten my fringe (bangs) otherwise they look ridiculous. The problem is when I am out and about all day, my fringe will gradually curl up. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to straighten it on the go?

This brings me to my featured product for this post which I have been kindly gifted: the Sunmay Voga 2 in 1 Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler. I am so excited about this collaboration because finally, here is a potential solution to my wayward hair problems! As the name suggests, the Sunmay Voga is a portable, cordless hair tool that doubles up as a straightener and curler. What a dream come true!

The box of the Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler.

About the Sunmay Voga

The Sunmay Voga is designed for styling your hair on the go which makes it ideal for travel. It is cordless and chargeable by USB Type 3, the same as your phone. This means it can be charged by your phone charger, power bank, laptop or car charger. The device has a rounded shape which means you can use it for curling as well as straightening.

To work the device, you hold the power button for 3 seconds and it will switch on. It has 3 different temperature settings which you can scroll between by pressing the power button. The recommended settings are 165ºC for thin or fine hair, 185ºC for normal hair and 205ºC for thick hair. Being able to choose the best temperature for your hair is a great feature that not all hair stylers have.

The Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler.

The Sunmay Voga has a screen which shows the battery level and the temperature. When you turn on the device, your chosen temperature will flash red while it is heating up, and then turn green when the plates have reached that temperature. This is a useful feature because you don’t have to guess when the plates have fully heated up. The screen is also useful for checking the battery level, both during use and when charging.

Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler, showing the display screen.

The hair tool has a safety clip so it can be locked closed after use, helping to prevent burns and also allowing you to put it back in your bag before it has fully cooled down. The device comes with an impressive range of accessories: a travel bag, comb, hair clip, some finger protectors and of course the charging cable.

The Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler with its accessories - finger protectors, charging cable, hair clip, comb and travel bag.

My experience with the Sunmay Voga

When I first tried the Sunmay Voga, I immediately loved that it was cordless. Even just using it at home, it’s great to be able to use it wherever I like. Previously, when I had to use my straighteners near to a plug socket, there wasn’t great lighting and I had to use a small mirror. Now I can use the Sunmay Voga in front of my big mirror which doesn’t have a plug socket nearby. The fact that it’s cordless also makes it easier to curl my hair without a cable getting in the way.

I used the lowest temperature setting, 165ºC because my hair is quite fine. When I first used them, it felt like the plates didn’t close tightly on my hair and that my hair was just sliding through. I’ve since learned that I need to put a decent-sized piece of hair between the plates each time. This is difficult on my fringe because my hair is quite thin, but I’ve found that even without the plates clamping tightly on my hair, it still straightens them fairly effectively.

The Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler.

Battery life and charging

On the Sunmay website, it states that you should get between 28 and 40 minutes of use out of this styler between charging, depending on the temperature setting. I’ve been using mine on the lowest temperature for which I should get 38-40 minutes of use. The first few times I used mine, it only lasted around 10 minutes before the battery was empty, but more recently the battery has been lasting significantly longer. This is worth bearing in mind if you get this device – do persevere if the battery life seems short because it does improve. It just seems to need a few charges to reach its full potential.

I have been charging my Sunmay Voga in the USB port of my laptop. The charging cable is a good length, and I like that it is branded with the Sunmay logo because this prevents me from getting my chargers mixed up. I’ve found that it takes around 2 and a half hours to charge the device from an empty to a full battery. I tried using my phone charger to see if it charges quicker that way, but it took the same amount of time.

The Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler in its open box.

Because it takes a pretty long time to charge and the battery only lasts up to 40 minutes, I think you have to be very organised with charging it. If you get into the habit of putting it on charge after every use, and you only use it for quick touch-ups of your hair, then the battery life wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are forgetful or your hair takes a long time to style, this may not be the best hair tool for you.

Overall, the main advantage of the Sunmay Voga is its portability and the fact that it is cordless. It works effectively and is a game-changer for styling your hair on the go and taming any flyaway pieces of hair. Just be prepared to get in the habit of charging it between uses.

The Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler.

2. Use hairspray

I always used to associate hairspray with getting dressed up and keeping elaborate hairstyles in place, but I’ve recently learned that hairspray is such a useful tool for everyday styles too. I don’t recommend drenching your hair in hairspray or it will go all crunchy, but just a little spritz will help to keep your style in place and stop your hair from going wayward.

3. Spritz your hair with water

Here’s a tip for refreshing curly hair and giving it more volume if it goes flat during the day. Flip your hair over and spritz it with a little water, then ‘scrunch’ it up a bit. This can help curls become more defined as well as plump up your hair.

4. Keep a mini hairbrush or comb in your bag

For some hair types, brushing it can help to neaten it up during the day. I like to keep a comb with me just to comb my straightened fringe.

A hairdryer, hairbrush, comb and three scrunchies.
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

5. Put your hair in a bun

Some days, your hair just won’t be having a good day, no matter what you try with it. A good solution is to put it into a bun because this nearly always looks good. I like to use the ‘hair doughnuts’ (I’m not sure what they are called!) because this gives more volume to the bun and makes it look like I have more hair. Once your hair is in a bun, you only have to worry about any flyaway front bits – straightening them with the Sunmay Voga and then spritzing them with hairspray is a good solution.

6. Choose the right products for your hair

All hair products will have great claims on the packaging, but you’ll have to experiment to find ones that are right for your hair. Everyone has different hair with different needs, whether you want to get rid of frizz, add shine, remove oil, add volume, etc. If you can find products that give you great looking hair in the first place, it stands a better chance of staying that way throughout the day.

A woman under a beige umbrella in the rain.
Photo by negar nikkhah on Unsplash

7. Keep out of the rain

This is an obvious point, but rain can wreak havoc on your nicely styled hair! Don’t get caught out – check the weather forecast before you go out, wear a hooded coat or jacket if it’s likely to rain, and always keep an umbrella in your car and/or bag.

Do you have any tips for great looking hair?

I’d love to know if you already follow some of the tips in this post, or if you have any more advice for having great looking hair all day. Let me know in the comments, and remember to check out the Sunmay Voga or perhaps add it to your wishlist. It’s a fantastic tool for fixing your hair throughout the day.

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How To Have Great Looking Hair All Day

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