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How To Use A Guest Bedroom In Between Guests

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A guest bedroom is a great way to convert a spare room. You can invite your friends over for days at a time, host family members, and have a party without worrying if people are going to get home OK. It’s a super cosy use of the space.

However, when you’re in between guests, you might feel that a guest bedroom is just a waste of the space. You could be using that room for various other things, but there’s a big bed and a neutral tone in the way! If that’s a concern for you, we’ve got some ideas about making the space a little more functional.

How To Use A Guest Bedroom In Between Guests

Place a Desk

If you make room for a desk in your guest bedroom, you can use it as an office, a craft room, a studio, a meeting space, and literally anything else you’ll ever need a surface for. And all thanks to just one spare wall that you can slide a hunk of wood and a chair against!

For people who work from home and/or run their own business, this design choice is a godsend. Whenever the room is free, you can use it for professional purposes, without having to worry about kids coming into frame or being interrupted thanks to someone needing to use the kitchen. Just shut the door, make sure the room is tidy, and get to work!

Fit a Bespoke Wardrobe

A bespoke wardrobe is great for a guest bedroom, as it uses the space in a functional way, no matter what you want to store in there. From using it as a walk-in closet for the whole family, or storing workout equipment when it’s not in use, investing in a wardrobe from a company like Superglide Wardrobes is great for maximising on a guest room.

And seeing as the wardrobe itself is going to be bespoke, you can use one side for guests and the other side for your own overflow. Just make sure you order a wardrobe with all the possibilities in mind. If you get too many shelves fitted, you won’t have anywhere to shove that elliptical!

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Install a Pull Down Bed

If you’re worried about a bed getting in the way of anything you’d like to use the room for, eliminate this issue from the moment you decide to have a guest bedroom. Install a pull down bed, which has shelves, a bookcase, or a wall facade on the other side. 

This will instantly elevate the room into a multifunctional space. No bed to navigate round means you can move, making it a home gym and/or yoga studio at the same time! Sure, you may have to move the books out of the way when the bed is in use, but it won’t be much trouble to put them back again.

How To Use A Guest Bedroom In Between Guests – Wrapping Up

There’s no need for a guest bedroom to be wasted space in between guests. You can use the room for multiple purposes! You just need to be smart about the furniture you include, whether it’s a desk, a bespoke wardrobe or a pull down bed. The room can be used as a home office, home gym or simply a storage space to reduce clutter in the rest of your home. With a thoughtful design and layout, it can still be easily transformed into a guest bedroom when the need arises.

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How To Use A Guest Bedroom In Between Guests

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