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How To Prevent Weeds From Growing Around Your Garden: 4 Simple Tactics

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What are weeds? Most gardening experts will say that a weed is any type of unwanted plant growth in your garden area. Weeds will grow anywhere and can disrupt plant life while making your garden look a little messy. You spent a long time livening up your garden with gorgeous plants and flowers, so you want to keep it this way! 

Removing pesky weeds is a tough task that takes ages – but preventing them is very easy. Want to know how to prevent weeds from growing around your garden? Gather around as we reveal four ever-so-simple ways to stop weed growth in and around your garden space.

How To Prevent Weeds From Growing Around Your Garden: 4 Simple Tactics

1. Put Mulch Around Your Plants

Mulching is a safe and natural way of preventing weed growth around your plants. You’ll find different types of mulch, but organic mulch works best for this purpose. 

All you need to do is gather any of the following organic materials from around your garden: 

  • Bark
  • Wood chippings
  • Grass clippings
  • Pine needles
  • Dried leaves
  • Straw

Find whatever comes in handy and then mix it all in a bucket. From here, simply apply a thick layer of mulch around your plants. It forms a protective layer atop the soil, stopping any weed seeds from getting down into it and growing.

You will need to replace the organic mulch as it decomposes, so get into the habit of adding this to your gardening routine. It’s the number one way of preventing weed growth without using any chemicals or affecting your plant growth. 

2. Keep Some Of Your Plants In Pots

Instead of planting everything in soil beds, you could use pots. Plant pots help to contain the soil in specific areas, meaning weeds can’t grow as easily. When plants are spaced out in a bed together, weed seeds will find their way into the soil between them where they germinate and grow. 

Buy loads of different plant pots to use around your garden, greatly reducing the chances of weed growth. It can create a cool aesthetic too – there are so many plant pot styles out there; it’s easy to get creative and decorative.

A variety of plant pots attached to a fence, all with different plants in them.
Photo by Lina Simonian on Unsplash

3. Lay Down Artificial Grass

Weeds don’t just grow around plants or in flower beds; they also grow in your grass. If anything, weeds in your lawn are ten times worse. They look messy and are much harder to remove. Once you’ve got weeds in your lawn, they’ll likely stay forever and permanently damage the lawn’s aesthetic. Not to mention weeds easily spread from the grass to any surrounding areas. 

Laying down some artificial grass to replace your lawn is a clever option. Make sure you work with a specialist to understand how to choose the right artificial grass, then get it installed and reap the rewards. Because the grass is fake, weeds can’t grow through it. Proper installation will make your lawn a weed-free zone. 

There’s an extra benefit too: no weeds on your lawn means they are less likely to grow around the edges and spread to nearby plants. Artificial grass will hugely diminish weed growth in your garden, so consider this if you want long-term success.

4. Get Into The Habit Of Hoeing

Do you have a hoe? If not, make sure you get one of the best garden hoes and then get into the habit of hoeing regularly. 

A hoe is an ancient agricultural tool with a sharp blade that’s perfect for weeding duties. Hoeing involves using this tool to scrape over the soil, creating prime conditions to stop weed growth. The sharp blade scrapes along the top level of soil, displacing it and loosening any weed seeds. Already, this prevents weeds by loosening the seeds before they have a chance to germinate. 

Hoeing also creates a drier top level of soil, which makes it even harder for weed seeds to grow. It’s good practice to hoe before you lay down organic mulch. Combining these tactics keeps the soil dry and protected, so weed seeds are properly stifled.

How To Prevent Weeds From Growing Around Your Garden – For Good?

Will these four ideas prevent 100% of weed growth in your garden? We wish, but that’s not possible. You’ll likely see a few weeds here and there, but far fewer than usual. If you spot weeds, be sure to rip them up from their roots so they can’t grow back. It’s also advised to avoid using any chemical weed killers around your garden. They’ll work, but the chemicals can also damage your plants or create long-term problems for the soil. So stick to these 4 simple and natural tactics for the best results!

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How To Prevent Weeds From Growing Around Your Garden - 4 Simple Tactics

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