8 Ways To Use Custom Stickers In Your Business

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If you run a business, you’re probably always keeping an eye out for unique, creative ideas to make your business stand out. Have you thought about using custom stickers? There are endless possibilities for using branded, custom stickers for your business, and it’s such a simple and economical way to add a bit of pizzazz to your brand. Let’s take a look at 8 ways you can use custom stickers in your business.

A selection of large sample stickers in bright colours.
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8 Ways To Use Custom Stickers In Your Business

1. Seal packaging

Using custom stickers to seal your packaging is a great way to give it an extra, special touch. If you run an online shop, use stickers when you’re packaging up orders. For physical shops, seal any gift wrapping with your custom stickers, or use them to seal paper bags. This is such a simple, practical way to make your packaging look stylish and professional, as well as reinforcing your brand in the minds of your customers.

2. Create product labels

Custom stickers can also be used as product labels, for example, if you are a candle-making business, you can stick custom labels on your candle jars. Likewise, if you sell jams or chutneys. Even if your products themselves don’t require a label, you might choose to sell them wrapped in clear film or cardboard boxes, with a custom label on showing what they are.

Somebody attaching a branded label to a cardboard box.
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3. Stick them onto correspondence

If you send any kinds of physical letters, notes or invoices in your business, it can be nice to stick a custom, branded sticker onto the page. This catches the reader’s eye and provides aesthetic value, as well as advertising your business and helping it to stick in their mind.

4. Give them as freebies

Does your business ever take part in conferences or have a stall at a market? Everyone loves a freebie, so why not give away custom stickers at any event your business attends. Make sure the sticker clearly shows your brand and any necessary details, so that any potential customers or clients will remember you.

5. Add them into packages

Similarly to the last point, if you are selling products online you can add loose stickers into any packages you send. Your customers will appreciate the fun freebie, and if they choose to stick it somewhere, they will remember your business and inadvertently advertise it for you.

6. Personalise your staff’s items

Custom stickers can be used within your business too, not just for your customers. For example, you could use custom stickers to personalise your staff’s work laptops, telephones or stationery. Not only will this be a bit of fun, it will be practical too and prevent people’s things from getting lost or muddled up.

7. Make return address labels

If your business sends out parcels, for example if you run an online shop, it’s a good idea to include a return address on your parcels just in case they don’t make it to their destination. Save time by creating custom return address labels for your parcels – then you can simply stick one on. If they are branded for your business, that’s all the better and it will make your parcels look neat and aesthetic.

8. Branded price stickers and ‘sale’ stickers

If you run a shop, you might be using stickers to mark prices on your items, as well as using stickers for ‘sale’ or ‘reduced’ items. Why not create custom price stickers that are branded for your business? This will add a nice touch and make your items stand out all the more.

Where to order custom stickers for your business

Aura Print is a great place to order custom stickers for your business, because they offer a wide range of shapes, colours, materials and thicknesses so you’re bound to find the right stickers for your needs. They are a premium printing company so you can be sure their stickers will be of the highest quality and finish.

Aura Print sticker sample pack.
Photo credit: Aura Print

Before ordering custom stickers, it’s a good idea to order a sample pack first. This is so you can check what the stickers look like in ‘real life’ as well as try them out and see which types of stickers work best on which materials. You might also get some inspiration from seeing other sticker types you might not have thought of using.

In Aura Print’s sticker sample pack you get around 20 sample stickers, covering their whole range of materials and finishes. These include paper stickers, vinyl stickers, foil stickers, and glossy and matte finishes. The sample pack costs only £1.95 so it’s well worth ordering one to provide inspiration for your custom sticker designs.

Aura Print sticker sample pack, with the various stickers laid out underneath the box.
Photo credit: Aura Print

Over to you

So now you know 8 ways to use custom stickers in your business, and you know the best place to buy them from. Are you a business owner? And have you ever considered using custom stickers in your business, or do you already? If so, I’d love to know what you use your custom stickers for. Let me know in the comments!

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8 Ways To Use Custom Stickers In Your Business

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