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Not-So-Grey Gardens: 4 Easy Ways to Liven up Your Garden

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A beautiful home isn’t only defined by a well-structured and well-designed house. It should also have a lush garden filled with plants and flowers that can captivate passers-by with one look.

Gardens also reflect the personalities of the people residing in the home. That’s why gardening is fun— you can showcase your personality and creativity with the plants and decor you install in your green space. You can also showcase your resourcefulness. After all, not everything in your garden has to be bought!

If you’re looking for ways to liven up your garden, keep reading, because the following tips will help.

A wide garden path with arches overhead that have plants growing across them. The path is lined with colourful flowering plants.
Image Credit: Veronica Reverse | Unsplash.com

4 Easy Ways to Liven up Your Garden

1. Explore flavours with herbs

Gardens aren’t only limited to flowers and shrubs. In fact, there are countless options of what you can plant in your garden, and this includes herbs.

By planting herbs in your garden, you can travel around the world and taste different cuisines even without leaving your home. Plus, many herbs are great for keeping bugs away, making your home pest-free!

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2. Use outdoor lighting

Many homeowners only use outdoor lights during the festive Christmas season. However, if you want to liven up your garden, you might want to take that garden light out of your storage.

Lighting is a great way to make your garden lively during any season. The key to outdoor lights for your garden is their location. Place garden lights in locations that can spark attention such as trees, shrubs and walkways. This way, you can attract people to lounge in your garden and admire its beauty.

A string of outdoor lights hanging on a wooden arbor.
Photo by Shayla Kirby on Unsplash

3. Create a vertical garden

If you don’t have a large space for a garden, creating a vertical one can be an option. A vertical garden provides you with an eden, without taking up too much space.

Use wooden crates to create your own vertical garden. Upturned crates can be piled to become panelling for showcasing plants. You can also use your fence as support for your vertical garden. The trick is being resourceful with how you’ll set up your own vertical garden.

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4. Choose plants with bright colours all year long

One of the reasons why gardens become dull is the choice of plants. Many homeowners go for plants that have short lifespans, making the garden look dull and neglected.

To liven up your garden, choose plants that can bloom in any season such as avens. These provide colour to your garden all year long. Plus, these don’t cost much to maintain and they will spread around your garden!

Also include plants with varying textures and heights, as well as bright and bold colours, because these will add drama to your garden. Your choice of plants will reflect your creativity and give a unique and interesting personality to your garden.

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A garden filled with colourful flowers and foliage.
Photo by Aniston Grace on Unsplash

Add spice to your garden today

Let’s face it— no one wants to look at a dull garden. It doesn’t make us feel relaxed, nor does it make us appreciate the beauty of nature. This is why it’s important that your garden should be as lively as ever, with healthy plants that can bloom any time of the year.

If you feel like your garden needs a ramp up, follow our tips to liven up your garden and transform it into a lush and colourful oasis.

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Not-So-Grey Gardens: 4 Ways To Liven Up Your Garden

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