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What I Write In My Gratitude Journal

I keep a special journal, which I call my gratitude journal, but it has three purposes. At the end of each day (or whenever I think of something), I write down things that I am grateful for, things that I am proud of, and things that I learn.

Things I am grateful for

Writing down things that I am grateful for is a great way to keep me seeing the good things in life, and appreciating them, whether they are big or small. It helps me to stay happy and positive. Examples of things I write are: grateful that a particular event went well; grateful for a good conversation with somebody; grateful for a gift somebody gave me; grateful for delicious food; grateful for my family and friends; grateful for something I learned.

Things I am proud of

Writing down things that I am proud of gives me a boost of confidence. It reminds me that often I do really good things. It reinforces those actions and helps me to do the same again in future situations. Examples of things I write are: proud that I played well in a concert; proud that I talked to someone; proud that I helped someone; proud that I worked really hard and got lots done; proud that I kept a positive attitude; proud that I faced something I was afraid of.

Things that I learn

Writing down things that I learn helps to cement lessons in my mind so that I can learn from them for next time. If I made a mistake, it helps me to forgive myself and move on from it, because I know that it taught me a lesson and is less likely to happen again in the future. But it’s not just about learning from mistakes. I also write down simple, every-day things I learn, such as how to perform a certain task or the best place to buy a certain item.

These categories can overlap

There is often an overlap between the three categories. For example, I might be both grateful and proud that an event I was nervous about went well, and learn that even if I feel nervous, things can still go well.

I don’t look back over my gratitude journal very often, but the act of writing these things down really helps me to keep a positive outlook on life. It helps me to keep noticing the good things, to celebrate my achievements, and to remember that even when things go wrong, there is a lesson that can be learned.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Or in fact, any kind of journal? Do you also write down things you are proud of, and things you have learned? Does it help you? Let me know in the comments.

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What I Write In My Gratitude Journal

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