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A Set of Mottos for Getting Through Challenging Times

If you are going through a difficult stage in your life, here are some guiding principles to keep in mind, to give you strength and keep you moving through your challenges.

A set of mottos for getting through challenging times

  • Breaking things down so you can build things up higher. 
  • Stepping back so you can step forward faster. 
  • Letting go of past ties and taking action as though you are already the person you aspire to be.
  • Letting go of material possessions because there are more important things in your life. 
  • Being drastic because the world needs drastic change, and your life is a part of that. 
  • Being bold and brave, going for it and knowing you will pick yourself up if you fall.
  • Letting go of fear and overcoming each hurdle, because once you are through this stage, the benefits will overcome all that you were afraid of. The spell will be broken and everything will be changed for the better. 
  • Always remembering how lucky and grateful you are for the things that are good in your life, and in the lives of those you love.

I hope some or all of these mottos will help you next time you are are going through challenging times.

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