Challenge Idea – Visit a Different Village, Town or City Every Day!

I thought of an idea for a fun challenge – visit a different village, town or city every day for a month! This is a challenge that you would need to have a lot of free time for. Ideally, you would also need plenty of money for transport, cafes, attractions etc. It would also be much more fun to do with another person, such as a significant other, a family member or a close friend. It would be a great challenge to do in the summer when the weather is nice and warm.

How would this challenge work?

First, make a list of all the villages, towns and cities within a certain radius of your home (perhaps 30 miles?). This may take some time. I’m not sure if there is an easy way to generate a complete list, or if you would have to look at a map and write them down off there. It’s up to you whether you include very small villages/hamlets or not. Give each place a number (you could use an excel spreadsheet or similar).

Then, each day, use a calculator or random number generator to choose a place at random from the list. That is where you are going to visit! You could either do this in the morning or the night before if you want longer to prepare and research the place.

What to do when you get there

You don’t have to spend the whole day there. If it is a small village you could just have a walk, a picnic and explore. That may only take a morning or an afternoon and you have the rest of the day to do other things. But if you pick a big place like a city, you would probably want to spend longer. Perhaps go shopping, go to the cinema, have a nice meal in a restaurant, go to a museum, or whatever the city has to offer. Although if you wanted to, you could set a minimum number of hours to spend at each place. It could be a fun challenge to spend many hours at a small village – it would probably involve a long walk, or just chilling out in a park. 

If you have some other commitments during the month, you could vary the challenge by having separate lists for places that are nearby and/or small, and places that are further away and/or larger. On days where you have other commitments, you can choose from the near/small list, as those places would not take so much time to visit. On days where you are free all day, you can choose from the far / large list.

This challenge would be so much fun!

This could be a really fun month full of varied adventures and experiences. It would probably involve a lot of walking, exercise and fresh air too. You would explore some places you have never been to before, and you could be creative in finding new things to do in places you have been many times. You may discover some places that you really like, and you can visit them again after the month is finished!

I would like to do this challenge next summer if it fits in well with my circumstances then. It will be so much fun! I hope you have fun with it too if you decide to do it.

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Challenge Idea - Visit a Different Village, Town or City Every Day

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