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Support Ukraine with the ‘Creating Freedom Within’ Collection by BetterMe

AD | This post features products that have been gifted to me in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are honest and my own.

We are all aware of the war that is happening in Ukraine at the moment. Personally, I try not to consume the news too much because I know it could have a negative effect on my mental health. Therefore I don’t know all the political details but I’m very aware that there are people in great need, and I want to help them in any way that I can. 

I’m sure many people feel the same, and I think it’s okay to disengage from the news to protect your mental health as long as you are still doing the necessary research to find out how to help, and doing what you can. I’d also like to acknowledge that not everyone is able to make a large contribution in terms of money, resources or time. However, every little helps and if everyone did something small to help then it would add up to a lot. Therefore, don’t feel guilty if you are only able to help in a tiny way.

I recently received an email from the Ukraine-based healthcare company BetterMe, telling me about their charity initiative to help Ukrainian children. They kindly gifted me their ‘Create Freedom Within’ matching sportswear set which is designed in the Ukrainian colours, blue and yellow. I am excited to be able to write about this set in this blog post and spread the word about how you can help children in Ukraine by supporting this initiative.

How To Support Ukraine With This Sportswear Set

About BetterMe

BetterMe is a health and wellness company based in Ukraine. They created the BetterMe app which has been one of the most downloaded health and fitness apps since 2018. They also offer health coaching and guided courses on their website, including mental health programs.

As well as creating apps and courses, BetterMe also offers a range of quality sportswear apparel with free shipping worldwide. Their range includes leggings, sports bras, long-sleeved tops and complete sports sets. They claim their apparel is breathable, sweat-wicking, comfy and supportive and I can vouch from my experience that this is all true! I’ll be writing more about the set I received later in this post.

The Ukrainian flag flying against a blue sky.
Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash

About the ‘Creating Freedom Within’ initiative

BetterMe has created a special sportswear set called ‘Creating Freedom Within’ to raise money to help Ukrainian children. This set features a blue, crossover-back sports bra and yellow high-waisted leggings. These colours represent the Ukrainian flag which is now a symbol of freedom all over the world.

Children are some of the most vulnerable people affected by the war in Ukraine. BetterMe is donating 50% of the profits from this set to help affected children. The funds will be donated to UNICEF Ukraine which provides life-saving support for children and their families. Their work includes:

  • humanitarian action
  • providing water and sanitation
  • providing access to education
  • psychosocial support
  • mine risk education
  • healthcare services

This is all really important for providing for children’s immediate needs, as well as helping to set them up for the best possible future.

The sportswear set

As mentioned, the ‘Creating Freedom Within’ sportswear set consists of a blue sports bra and yellow leggings. They arrived in a mailing bag with no excess packaging. As soon as I took them out of the bag I could tell they were high quality and well made, and I loved the vivid colours. I couldn’t wait to try them on!

A blue sports bra and yellow leggings with the 'Me.' logo, laid out on a surface.

Yellow leggings

I requested the leggings in a size medium because, although I am generally a size small, I prefer leggings to have a roomier fit. Initially, I thought they looked quite small and I was afraid they wouldn’t fit me. But actually, the material (Nylon and Spandex) is really stretchy so they fitted me fine. I’m glad I sized up to a medium though, and I recommend sizing up from your usual size because the sizing is quite small.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. I wouldn’t usually go for such a bright, daring colour on leggings but I do love the colour, and of course, I love what it stands for.

The leggings have a spacious pocket at the back which is really useful for holding items such as your phone or some tissues or lip balm. I love the fact that they are high waisted because it’s more flattering and gives more coverage.

A woman wearing the 'Create Freedom Within' collection by BetterMe. She is taking a selfie in a full length mirror.

Blue sports bra

I requested the sports bra in a size small and the fit is perfect for me! So I recommend ordering that in your usual size. I really love this sports bra, it’s padded and so comfortable and supportive. I love the bright blue colour and the crossover strap detail is really pretty.

A blue sports bra with the 'Me.' logo.
The back of a blue sports bra with crossover straps.

Both the leggings and the sports bra have the BetterMe logo on them which is a simple “Me.” in white lettering. This looks effective and blends the set together.

This set is really comfortable to wear and I’ll definitely be wearing it for my home workouts as well as venturing out in it. It will be perfect to mix and match with other sportswear items too.

The set costs $99 (roughly £80) which may seem quite expensive but that means that nearly $50 (£40) will be going to help Ukrainian children, so you can feel good about the purchase. Also, it seems to be really good quality sportswear so that is around what you would pay for a sportswear set from any quality brand.

A woman sitting cross-legged on a blue yoga mat in a garden. She is wearing a blue sports bra and yellow leggings by BetterMe.

Reasons to consider buying this sportswear set

Here’s a summary of how buying this sportswear set can help support Ukraine:

  • You will be supporting a Ukrainian-based company.
  • 50% of the profits go to UNICEF to help affected children.
  • Ukrainian colours – you will be making a statement for peace.
  • Even if you wear the pieces separately (if you don’t always want to be making a statement with the colours) you’ll know your money went towards the cause.
  • It’s good quality, practical sportswear that you will get a lot of use out of. If you needed some new sportswear anyway then why not opt for this and help Ukraine.
A woman standing on a blue yoga mat in a garden. She is wearing a blue sports bra and yellow leggings from BetterMe.

Other ways you can help 

Maybe you don’t need any sportswear right now or you can’t budget for this set. Here are some other ways you can support Ukraine:

  • Donate money directly to UNICEF Ukraine or other charities.
  • Support other companies that are donating profits to Ukraine.
  • Support Ukrainian businesses.
  • Attend charity functions such as concerts that are raising money for Ukraine.
  • Provide temporary accommodation for a Ukrainian family – this is a big commitment but could it be a possibility for you?
  • Raise money by doing a sponsored activity such as a run.
  • Share this blog post so that others can learn about the ‘Creating Freedom Within’ sportswear set.
  • Share other initiatives and fundraising campaigns to help Ukraine.

You can find out more about the ‘Creating Freedom Within’ sportswear set on the BetterMe website, where you will also find more information about how the initiative is helping people in Ukraine. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it’s inspired you to support Ukraine in ways that you perhaps didn’t think of before.

What do you think of this sportswear set? Let me know in the comments below!

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Support Ukraine with the 'Creating Freedom Within' Collection by BetterMe

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