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3 Sports To Try If You Want To Get Fitter

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If you’ve thought about getting fitter and more physically active, going to the gym is perhaps the obvious choice. While this is well suited to some, it’s important to remember that it’s not your only option. There are plenty of sports to try if you want to get fitter in the most enjoyable and exciting way possible. Let’s take a look at 3 sports that offer huge benefits in terms of fitness, well-being and fun.

Sports To Try If You Want To Get Fitter: 3 Top Options

1. Tennis

With Wimbledon well underway, tennis is one of the more obvious sports to try. You will of course need someone to play this with, and there are plenty of tennis groups around that you can join and get involved in. This could end up giving a boost to your social life as well as your fitness.

Add in the fact tennis benefits your cardio significantly, and improves your strength and agility. It reduces stress and can even improve your reaction times! This makes it a great option to consider to improve your fitness, especially if you are looking to try a sport involving more than just one person.

The lower half of a person holding a tennis racket and about to hit a tennis ball.
Photo by Renith R on Unsplash

2. Kayaking

Not all sports to try to get fitter have to be based on land. If you fancy something water-based, it’s well worth considering kayaking. It’ll give you a decent workout while still being quite relaxing, and it’s especially enjoyable during the summer, perhaps combined with a trip to the beach.

You’ll feel the breeze on your face and the sun on your shoulders, and hear the waves lapping, all of which will help to banish stress while you give yourself a good upper-body workout. There’s no reason not to get out on the water and give it a try.

A woman sitting in a green kayak on calm waters at sunset.
Photo by Jeff Isaak on Unsplash

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing offers a full-body workout, making it one of the best options if you want to get fitter. You’ll work more than just your arms and legs; your abs, back and other areas will greatly benefit too.

Rock climbing can increase your flexibility and reduce your stress levels. Add in the thrill that it offers, and it’s one of the more interesting sports to try to get fitter. While it takes a while to master, it’s a great challenge to tackle and you’ll get the satisfaction of making progress step by step.

A silhouette of a person abseliing down a steep rock face.
Image by Anja from Pixabay

Sports To Try If You Want To Get Fitter: Wrapping Up

There are plenty of sports to try if you want to get fitter, and you don’t need to settle for the obvious options. Not only will rock climbing, tennis or kayaking help you get more physically active, but you will hopefully get enjoyment out of your chosen sport. Why not consider giving one of them a try?

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  1. Rockclimbing is amazing! I used to do it quite a lot before I had a baby. Not sure I’ve got that body strength now!

    Corinne x

    1. Sophie says:

      I’ve only tried it once, on a climbing wall, but I really enjoyed it! x

  2. Oooh! I’ve been wanting to get into tennis for a while! I learned about tennis clubs around LA recently. Kayaking is definitely a workout!! Thanks for sharing these suggestions!


    1. Sophie says:

      I hope you get a chance to get into tennis soon! Thank you for reading!

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