4 Ways To Save Money On Utilities This Winter

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Everybody is dealing with the cost of living crisis in a different way, from giving it a slang term called the ‘cozzy livs’ to crying in the corner because all they can afford to eat after paying rent is spaghetti. Some of us are a little shocked to see how our bills have doubled, if not tripled, in the past few years. This could mean that in terms of your career and your salary, you’re in the exact same position right now as you were a few years ago and you can’t do anything about it.

It’s important to figure out how you can save money on utilities and everyday purchases. Whether you look into solar and battery systems for more efficient energy, or ask your utility providers for a better deal, there are plenty of ways that you can save money on utilities. You just have to know how to do it. So let’s take a look at some of the tips that you need to get you there and stop that ‘cozzy livs’ from ruining your life.

4 Ways To Save Money on Utilities This Winter

1. Buy a heated clothes rack

If you don’t live somewhere where the sun is out all year round, then you need to think about how you’re going to dry your clothes in the winter. Not many people like to invest in a tumble dryer because it eats through the electricity like nothing else, so a heated clothes rack could help you in the meantime. You might have to wait a little bit longer for your clothes to dry, but a heated clothes rack can help you to save energy. If you’re using solar panels on the roof then you should make sure that you are heating your clothes during the time where you would find it free to use.

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2. Upgrade or change your SIM plan

Utilities aren’t just gas or electric bills; your phone comes under that umbrella as well. Even if you’ve been on the phone plan you’re on for a while, switching to a SIM only plan can actually save you a lot of money. Instead of upgrading your phone, make sure that you upgrade your SIM plan and that way you can keep your current phone for longer.

3. Contact your energy provider

Contact your energy provider and tell them you are struggling. A lot of people are in the same position, and often energy providers can give you some grace on your bill or they can help you to break it down into more manageable chunks. The only thing you can do here is ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

4. Get rid of the extras

It’s nice to have extra things in your utility plans, but it’s not always economical to have them. Review all of your policies for your utility bills and think about what’s actually benefiting you and what isn’t. Cut out anything that is not benefiting you at all.

How will you save money on utilities this winter?

It’s nice to have luxuries like a tumble dryer and extras in your utility plans, but when it comes down to the basics, it’s more important that you can afford to buy food and clothing. If you’re struggling with the cost of living crisis, it’s well worth looking into ways you can save money on utilities, whether you opt for economical alternatives like a heated airer or change your phone and energy plans.

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4 Ways To Save Money On Utilities This Winter

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