3 Creative Ways To Gift a Magic Photo Mug

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Are you looking for a gift idea that is unique, creative and personalised? A magic photo mug is an excellent way to surprise loved ones, and it’s suitable for pretty much any occasion, whether personal or professional. Read on to learn about magic photo mugs, and gain some creative ideas for how to design and gift them.

What is a magic photo mug?

These black custom heat-activated mugs only require a cup of coffee or tea to reveal your special message and a hidden photo and they’ll bring a smile to anyone who uses them. Initially solid black, these intriguing coffee mugs change colour with hot liquid to reveal a full-colour photo. Choose from a wrap-around or a collage of photos, then add text for an extra special touch. The heat-activated coating turns clear again when the mug cools down.

Design ideas for a magic photo mug

You can design your own personalised photo magic mug with photos and text using the free online customisation tool. Here are some design ideas:

  • Holiday photos
  • Wedding photos
  • Pet photos
  • Motivational quotes
  • Song lyrics
  • Special messages
  • Funny phrases

3 Creative Ways To Gift a Magic Photo Mug

1. Surprise your loved ones

A personalised magic photo mug is a fun gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, housewarming party or just because. Your loved one will surely enjoy the unexpected reveal, and will love seeing their favourite photo or treasured memory appear every time they pour their morning tea or coffee.

You could also use this mug to share big news, like an engagement or marriage proposal. Your loved ones will be astounded when they see your message slowly appear on the mug.

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2. Surprise your employees or colleagues

Custom mugs are an excellent gift for professional as well as personal purposes. Create a personalised gift for your employees or colleagues by designing a magic photo mug with their favourite picture, funny quote or saying. They’ll love the surprise of seeing their favourite image, moment, or joke slowly appear each time they pour a hot drink at the office. This will raise morale and strengthen bonds within your workplace.

A woman holding a mug that reads 'World's Best Boss'.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

3. Surprise Your Customers

These mugs are also great for promotional purposes. Imagine handing them out at promotional events or conferences – the surprise factor will bring attention to your company and you’ll have potential customers flooding to your stall, drawn in by the mugs. They will be reminded of your company every time they pour themselves a hot drink.

Why gift a magic photo mug?

A personalised magic photo mug is perfect for expressing love and appreciation, and marking important occasions in you life. Printed with a favourite photo, text, or clip art, it’s the ultimate surprise for your loved ones and would make the perfect gift for any occasion. It can also be used in a professional setting, as a gift for your colleagues or as promotional merchandise for customers. With so many creative ways to design and gift these mugs, the only limit is your imagination!

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3 Creative Ways To Gift A Magic Photo Mug


  1. What a lovely idea perfect for special occasions and Christmas. Thank you for sharing this idea!

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      It is a versatile gift! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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