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62 Thoughts That Help Me When I Am Anxious

These are some thoughts and actions that have helped me in moments when I am feeling anxious or panicky. Some may help you and others may not feel right to you at all – but if even one or two of these thoughts can help you to get into a good mindset for getting through a particular anxiety-inducing or difficult situation, then that’s great.

Some of these thoughts may be more relevant to you than others, depending on the situation you are in. Most of these thoughts could be applied to all situations including social gatherings, work meetings, speeches or performances.

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62 Thoughts that help me when I am anxious

1. I choose to focus on and help the person or people I am with.

2. These people are really grateful for my help and company.

3. I am kind.

4. I choose to enjoy this.

5. Go for it with confidence.

6. Fake it until you make it.

7. Just do it.

8. Take life lightly.

9. It will be nice to see this person .

10. I enjoy doing this activity.

11. This is fun.

12. It’s practice for coping with these things.

13. Even if it goes wrong, it’s a catalyst for change.

14. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

15. Just run with it.

16. It’s only adrenaline.

17. It’s only hormones.

18. Whatever happens, time will keep passing and I will get to the other side.

19. Whatever happens, I will be okay again.

20. Yawn. Stretch. 

21. Sit up straight and take a deep breath.

22. Relax my muscles.

23. Get into a strange position. (I find this distracts me. It’s hard to be anxious when I am upside down.)

24. I have a higher power helping me. (whatever you believe in)

25. Be here now.

26. Settle into the moment.

27. Breathe away the anxious feelings.

28. I am sleepy relaxed. (It’s hard to be anxious when you are sleepy)

29. I am observing my feelings.

30. I accept how I am feeling.

31. I am allowed to be human.

32. The person or people I am with are human too.

33. All I have to do is this moment right now.

34. This is all part of that crazy tapestry of experiences called life. 

35. Life is beautiful.

36. We are all in this together.

37. This is amusing.

38. This is an abundance of life lessons.

39. I am being sent the lessons I need, to grow as a person.

40. I embrace this moment.

41. I enjoy every moment of my life.

42. I insist on enjoying this.

43. I am confident and relaxed in all situations.

44. I accept this challenge.

45. Let’s get this party started.

46. Just keep going.

47. It will pass.

48. This is an experiment, let’s see what happens.

49. Own this feeling.

50. Think of the nice cup of tea I can have when I’m finished.

51. Hello anxiety, my friend.

52. I’m familiar with these feelings and how to deal with them.

53. I’ve got through this loads of times before.

54. It’s part of my story.

55. I have a plan.

56. I CAN do this.

57. I know how to deal with this.

58. I can laugh at this.

59. I am so brave.

60. I’m so proud of myself because I keep on going, despite all this.

61. I feel anxious but so what.

62. I can always drink some water, cough, blow my nose or other physical distractions and disguises if I need to.

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62 Thoughts That Help Me When I Am Anxious

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