How to Get Inspiration for New Blog Posts

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Do you ever sit down to work on your blog, and your mind goes completely blank? You just cannot think of anything to write about, and it seems bewildering how other bloggers are able to churn out post after post on imaginative topics. Where do all their ideas come from?

I’ve definitely been there! Sometimes it feels like I have run out of ideas. However, there are several ways in which I get my creative juices flowing again. Read on for my tips on how to get inspiration for new blog posts!

9 Great Sources of Blog Post Inspiration

1. Keep a list of ideas

Every time you think of an idea for a blog post, write it down. Then, you can consult your list when you need ideas. I have been keeping a list of ideas since I started blogging, and I now have lots of blog post ideas to keep me going. Amazingly, the list grows faster than I can keep up with writing the blog posts, which shows that it’s worth getting in the habit of writing down ideas as soon as you think of them. You really will soon have plenty of ideas written down! Often, I write about something fresh that comes into my mind, but when I am stuck, I take an idea from my list.

If you need some ideas to get your list started, I recommend checking out the e-book A Blogger’s Best Friend* by Kyra who runs the lifestyle blog LoveKyra. This e-book is packed full of blogging tips including a whole page of blog post ideas.

2. Look through your old blog posts

Looking through old blog posts can sometimes give you ideas for new ones. You might have new ideas about a topic you wrote about a few months or years ago. Is there a post you could write a ‘Part 2’ to? You can also model a new post on one of your old ones by using the same format but on a different topic. For example, if you wrote a post of ’10 summer activity ideas’, why not write a post of ’10 winter activity ideas’ (or whatever season you are in)?

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3. Look through your categories

If you organise your blog posts into categories, have a look through them and see if one jumps out at you. You might realise you have something to write about, to do with a certain category. For example, you might see your ‘recipes’ category and remember that you invented a really nice new recipe the other day. It can be a good way to jog your memory about things to write about. You can even look through your tags to find a more specific topic if none of the categories jumps out at you.

4. Use content you have already written

If you keep a journal or tend to write things down in notebooks, chances are you already have some pre-written content that you could turn into a blog post. See if there’s something written in your journal that you could expand on.

Even simple things like lists could be turned into a blog post. For example, I had a list of items to pack when I went away on trips, and I wrote this up on my blog. A list of ideas for Christmas presents for your friends and family could be made into a gift guide. A healthy eating plan you wrote for yourself could form the basis of a healthy eating themed blog post. You can even use content that you wrote years ago. As long as it is still relevant then you have basically written a potential blog post in the past, so why not bring it into the now and share it with others.

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5. Look at what you have been doing in your life

Life is full of things to write about. Got a new workout routine? Blog about it. Got a new favourite product or read a great book? Review it. Been on any good days out? Write about them. A new favourite recipe you made up? Share it. Solved a problem? Write a tutorial to help other people too.

6. Take inspiration from other bloggers

Obviously, you shouldn’t copy other bloggers’ content. However, you can adopt an idea and write about it from your own experience. You could even write a post in response to another blogger’s post. It’s best to check that they are okay with this first and make sure to link back to their original post.

7. Search for opportunities to collaborate

One way to find collaborations with brands is to search the #bloggerswanted, #bloggersrequired and #prrequest hashtags on Twitter. You might find a brand that is looking for bloggers to test and review their product. Of course, you can’t write your review post until you have received and tried out the product. But at least you will have a future blog post in the pipeline.

You can also find or reach out to other bloggers to collaborate on a blog post or posts. The other blogger might have some great ideas, and it opens up more possibilities in the types of posts you can create.

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8. Take part in a blogging challenge

There are various blogging challenges that happen throughout the year. Two of the most well known are Blogtober and Blogmas. If you choose to do a blogging challenge on a theme such as Autumm or Christmas, this might give you inspiration for themed blog posts to write.

9. Ask your readers

If you’re really stuck for a topic to write about, why not go on social media and ask your followers what they would like to read about? Your blog is there for people to read and enjoy, after all! You might just gain some new readers through this method too.

You are unique!

There is actually an infinite number of potential blog posts out there, all completely unique to you. This is because you are a unique person with a unique life, so your opinion and experiences on ANY topic will be unlike anyone else’s. As long as you are living, there is something to write about. Even if you happen to sit around doing nothing all day, you can write about your thoughts.

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When inspiration does come, I recommend that you have a burst of writing and get all your ideas down. You can always schedule posts in advance, and these can carry you through if you have another mind-blank later on.

How do YOU get inspiration for new blog posts?

Are there any ideas that I have missed? I would love to hear how you get inspiration for new blog posts. Let me know in the comments!

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How To Think of Blog Post Ideas when you have Writer's Block

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