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How to Get More Sunlight In Your Garden

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Plants and flowers are a great way to liven up your garden and make it feel like summer even when the weather isn’t playing ball. But it’s not just pretty flowers that can brighten your garden. Getting enough sunlight in your garden is essential for making it more fun and giving you a reason to spend time outside. So what can you do if your garden is too shaded all the time? Here are some tips to get more sunlight in your garden.

How to Get More Sunlight In Your Garden 

Clear Overhead Trees 

While trees offer your garden some much-needed privacy, they can also block a lot of sunlight. This can make it difficult for plants and flowers to grow and it means you’ll struggle to bask in the sunlight during a hot summer’s day. However, you shouldn’t attempt to remove trees by yourself. Instead, hire a tree lopping service to safely and professionally remove trees and clear the canopy so the sun has a direct line into your garden.

Paint Surrounding Walls White 

You already know that white reflects the light, so painting any surrounding walls white will make your garden brighter while also giving it a classic look. This works best if you have a garage beside your garden, but if not, painting the surrounding fence (if possible) could be the best solution. 

White Plants and Bright Foliage

Even if you can’t paint your garden walls white, you can still try planting white plants and other bright foliage to provide a similar effect. Large bushes with white blossoms are perfect for brightening up your garden. Don’t assume you only need white, though. It’s always good to add some colour diversity. Try yellow and orange plants to maximise the summery feeling as you relax on your deckchair while topping up your tan. 

A yellow sunflower with green foliage and grass in the background.
Photo by Arturo Anez on Unsplash

Hang Mirrors 

Much like white walls, mirrors are fantastic at reflecting light, especially for those areas that are difficult for the sun to reach. Eager gardeners can check out the best mirror ideas to work out where to install mirrors to maximise sun exposure throughout their garden. You should be able to find some low-cost vintage or second-hand mirrors at your local charity shop or thrift store, which will add some character to your garden, too. 

Make A Sun Map 

If you can’t get more sunlight into your garden, you can be smarter about where you plant bulbs and flowers. A sun map helps you plant flowers in the right places depending on which direction your garden faces, meaning you can make the most of the sunlight you have. Since some plants don’t need as much sunlight as others, you can plant these in areas that are mostly shaded, whereas flowers that need plenty of sunlight should be planted where your garden gets the most sun to ensure everything thrives.

Hello Sunshine 

What’s the point of having a garden if you never spend any time there because it’s too dark, cold and shady? These tips can help you maximise the sunlight even in gardens that don’t normally get much sun. With the right design and style, you’ll spend much more time outdoors and get all the benefits of a sunny garden.

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How To Get More Sunlight In Your Garden

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