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Blogtober Day 7 – A Halloween LUSH Haul

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to some products from the Halloween range at LUSH cosmetics. I am a big fan of LUSH, but I usually only buy ‘essentials’ there such as shampoo and shower gel. It’s rare that I treat myself to bath bombs. Most of the Halloween LUSH products this year were bath bombs or bubble bars, and I thought, why not get some for a change!

I chose these 6 items:

Halloween LUSH haul

All of these products are suitable for vegans. I plan to use the bath products throughout October and do a little review in my Blogtober posts whenever I use one. As I mentioned, I bought these products yesterday, but this morning I had a bath and I used the Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb! So here is my first review:

Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

I was excited to use this bath bomb because as mentioned, I rarely buy bath bombs, so it was a real treat. I ran a hot bath and dropped it in!

Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

As you can see, the bath bomb is a colourful mix of orange green and purple. When it hit the water, it fizzed and all these colours swirled out, making pretty patterns on the surface of the water. The patterns reminded me of the surface of a planet, although more like Jupiter than Mercury! It took quite a while, over 5 minutes, for the entire bath bomb to dissolve.

Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

The scent was strong, and remained strong throughout my bath and afterwards. It smelt spicy and warm and reminded me of cinnamon which is one of the ingredients. Definitely an Autumnal scent!

Once I got in the bath, the surface patterns were disturbed and quickly went away. The bath water itself was a rich orange colour, and felt soft and slippery. I soaked in the bath for around half an hour and it was very relaxing!

When I finally got out of the bath and drained the water, I was pleased to find that it didn’t stain the bathtub or leave any glitter or residue, like some LUSH bath bombs do!

All in all, it was a great bath bomb and I would certainly treat myself to it again one day. The colours and scent made it very Autumnal!

Ghost in the Dark Soap

As well as using the bath bomb, I swapped my current soap for the Ghost in the Dark soap. It is such a cute soap in a ghost shape, and it smells citrussy. I have washed my hands with it a few times, and it seems to be quite moisturising.

Ghost in the Dark Soap

The fun thing about this soap is that it glows in the dark! I think this will make me smile when I visit the bathroom at night. I’m tempted not to tell the rest of my family that it glows in the dark, so that they will have a spooky surprise on their night-time bathroom visits!

Ghost in the Dark Soap

I will enjoy using this seasonal soap for the rest of October, and possibly beyond.

Packaging and Sustainability

LUSH used to have small paper bags all around the shops that you could put your loose products in. They now no longer have the paper bags, but have introduced baskets to carry your products around the store. This is a good initiative because it means their ‘naked’ products are truly naked – you don’t even have to put them in a paper bag to carry them around.

At the till, the cashier asked me if I wanted the products wrapped and with stickers. I said yes because I wanted to have the ingredient lists and information, as well as keeping the products protected in my bag. But I think it is really good that I was given the option whether to have the packaging or not.

Also, my products weren’t automatically put in a bag – in fact, I wasn’t even offered a bag! I think this is a good thing because it encourages people to bring their own reusable bags (which I had done). However, if you do need to get a bag from LUSH, at least they are paper bags rather than plastic!

The paper wrappings that today’s bath bomb and soap came in still smell strongly, so I am going to put them in my clothes drawers and wardrobe to make my clothes smell Autumnal! When the smell fades, I will recycle the wrappings.

What about the ingredients?

The products themselves do contain synthetic ingredients, such as colours, as well as plenty of natural ingredients which LUSH is known for. I don’t know whether any of the synthetic ingredients have negative health or environmental consequences, but I do know that LUSH is an ethical company and thinks about things like that. The glitter / shimmer they use is biodegradable, and I assume that most if not all of their ingredients are similarly environmentally conscious.

I know that bath bombs are not an essential and I didn’t ‘need’ them, but I think it’s okay to have the occasional treat and a bit of Halloween fun – and write some reviews for you!

Are you a fan of LUSH products?

What is your favourite LUSH product? Have you tried any of their Halloween range this year? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Blogtober Day 7 - A Halloween LUSH Haul


  1. The glow in the dark ghost soap is so cute! The bath bomb made the water so pretty. That’s great that it didn’t stain the tub. πŸ™‚

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      It’s adorable isn’t it! And yes, definitely a bonus that it didn’t stain the tub!

  2. I love Lush! I’ve only tried the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar out of the ones you listed, but they all sound so nice! The mercury retrograde bath bomb is gorgeous, I love all the colors, and the glow in the dark ghost is so cool. I might have to pick one up before the Fall time is over. Lovely post!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I definitely recommend the soap and the mercury retrograde bath bomb. They both smell really nice too! I’m looking forward to trying the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar, I might save that until nearer Halloween!

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