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Blogtober Day 13 – Halloween Crafts

Today was another rainy day, so I got out the scissors and glue and made some Halloween crafts!

Vampire Bookmarks

First, I made some vampire bookmarks that I saw a couple of weeks ago on this site. I followed the pictures and instructions exactly, and they were very quick and easy to make.

Making vampire bookmarks

All that I needed was white and coloured paper, scissors, glue, a red and black pen and a pencil. Making these bookmarks was a great way to use up some scrap paper I had stored up.

Here is the first vampire bookmark I completed:

My first vampire bookmark

After this, I made two more vampire bookmarks, in different colours:

Vampire bookmarks
Vampire bookmarks

The bookmarks slide onto the corner of a book page, to mark your page in seasonal style!

Vampire bookmark in a book

I gave a bookmark to each of my parents (my dad chose the yellow and my mum chose the pink) and I kept the green one for myself. I will be using it to mark the pages of my Harry Potter book that I am reading at the moment!

Vampire bookmark marking my page
Vampire bookmark in a Harry Potter book

If you are feeling crafty and want something quick and easy to make, as well as functional, I would recommend making these vampire bookmarks. This would also be a great craft for children to do.

Spider Webs

I fancied making some paper spider webs because I thought they would make simple yet effective decorations. Furthermore, scrap paper was a resource I was definitely not short of!

I looked on Pinterest and found several similar tutorials for how to make paper spider webs. These all involved folding a square piece of paper, and cutting holes in it to make a pattern, before unfolding it:

Making paper spider webs

These are the three spider webs I made. I found a spider sticker and added it to the centre of one of the webs. I only had one spider sticker, so I drew spiders in the centre of the others.

Paper spider webs
Paper spider webs

Creating a Halloween Display

Whilst wondering where to hang up my spider webs, I spotted a picture frame on top of my cupboard. It was currently displaying a quote, but I had the idea that I could temporarily make it into a Halloween picture.

I put one of my spider webs in the frame, using a piece of orange paper as a background. I thought this looked a bit plain, so I created a border with ghost washi tape. Then I added the writing ‘Happy Halloween’ plus more spiders around the edge of the spider web. Here is the result:

Halloween picture in a frame

I placed the frame back on my cupboard, and arranged some Halloween themed soft toys around it to make a Halloween display.

Halloween display
Halloween themed soft toys

After that, I still had to decide where to put my other two spider webs. First, I tried hanging them on a plant:

Spider webs on a plant

I wasn’t too sure about this, so instead I attached them to a string underneath a shelf, using paperclips:

Spider webs display

I am quite pleased with them here, and I like the contrast between the two different shapes of web.

Sustainable Halloween Crafts

I am pleased to say that these crafts and displays are sustainable, because I made them using materials and items that I already owned. I didn’t have to buy any new materials or tools.

Because they are made of paper, they are recyclable, but I do intend to save them to use in future years!

Making use of the materials you already own, and choosing crafts with this in mind, is a great way to make sure that your crafts are friendly to the planet. You can also source crafting materials from waste that you would otherwise throw away or recycle, such as toilet rolls, cardboard boxes and yoghurt pots.

There are also plenty of materials for Autumn crafts that you can find outdoors! Try collecting pine cones, conkers or colourful leaves and getting creative with them.

If you do need to buy new materials for your crafts, think about using recyclable or biodegradable materials such as paper, cardboard or natural textiles.

Hanging up my paper spider webs is a sustainable way to decorate my room for Halloween, because it saves me from buying decorations. Consider doubling up your crafts as home-made seasonal decorations!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween crafts!

What was your favourite craft – the vampire bookmarks, the picture frame or the spider webs? Has this post inspired you to make some Halloween crafts of your own? Let me know in the comments!

Blogtober Day 13 - Halloween Crafts

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  1. What a cute idea! I’ll have to remember it for next year for my daughter!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! I think it’s a great idea for children!

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