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Blogtober Day 29 – Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb and Zombie Burgers

Various scary Halloween characters featured in today’s Blogtober activities. First, I had a bath using the LUSH Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb, which is the last of the products I bought on my Halloween LUSH Haul. Later, I went for lunch at my favourite vegan cafe and sampled one of their Halloween specials!

Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

This bath bomb was delightfully shaped like a monster’s head, with horns and a single spooky eye! The colours were so bright and I was really looking forward to seeing what this would do once I dropped it in the bath.

LUSH Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb. It is bright pink with blue horns and a single large eye.

Like the other LUSH bath bombs, it fizzed on contact with the water. For the first few minutes, it released torrents of pink foam and I wondered whether the entire bath bomb would be pink. Then, it started releasing swirls of blue! It was such a pretty shade of blue, and when it mixed with the pink it turned the bath water an amazing shade of purple.

LUSH Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb in the bath, creating swirls of blue, purple and pink.

Out of all the LUSH bath products I’ve used this month, the colours were the most vivid in this one and I think it is my favourite for that reason.

A close up of the LUSH Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb fizzing in the bath and turning the water purple, blue and pink.

I was not sure how to describe the smell of the bath bomb, other than that it was relaxing. According to the website, it contains lime and neroli essential oils to uplift and energise, as well as olibanum essential oil for its soothing properties.

The bath water after using the LUSH Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb - it is a rich purple.

After draining the water, there was no residue left on the bath which is always a bonus.

I’ve used all my Halloween LUSH products!

I have now used all 6 of the products I bought in my Halloween LUSH Haul (I am still using the Ghost in the Dark soap). Here are links to my reviews of all the other products:

It has been great fun trying out the LUSH Halloween range, and the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb made an impressive finale. It would be one of the first I would reach for next year if I have another Halloween LUSH haul.

Zombie Burgers

What on Earth is a zombie burger, I hear you say? Well, imagine a burger with a spooky black roll, ghostly green slime and monstrous purple relish. Goggling eyes protrude from the top and a slimy green tongue hangs out ready to devour you…

I’m being serious! I went for lunch with my friend at our favourite vegan cafe and zombie burgers were on the menu. I had seen them advertised on the cafe’s Facebook page and thought they looked like so much fun. So we went ahead and ordered them! Here’s what they looked like:

Two zombie burgers on plates on a table. They consist of a black charcoal bun with sesame seeds on, burger fillings including green guacamole, purple coleslaw and a long gherkin sticking out as a tongue. There are olives on cocktail sticks stuck into the top which are the eyes.

I loved the way these burgers looked! They don’t exactly look like zombies – more like some kind of Halloween monster you might find in a swamp! But ‘zombie burger’ was a suitably spooky name for them.

A close up of a zombie burger

There were two different versions – I had the wholefood burger and my friend had the vegan ‘chicken’ style burger. Both were absolutely delicious and very filling and satisfying. I had thought about ordering a side of fries but I was glad I didn’t because the burger filled me right up!

A close up of a zombie burger on a plate.

I love gherkins and olives so the tongue and eyes were tasty additions to this fun burger. I’m not sure why the roll was black but I imagine it had charcoal in it. It tasted pretty much like normal bread. The purple coleslaw and green guacamole were delicious.

Have you eaten any Halloween themed foods this month?

I would love to know if you’ve eaten anything Halloween themed, whether it’s a traditional treat such as a toffee apple or pumpkin pie, or something a bit more unusual like a zombie burger! Let me know in the comments.

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Blogtober Day 29 - Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb and Zombie Burgers


  1. Zombie burger looks amazing Iā€™m gonna have to try that šŸ™

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I recommend it!

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