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Blogtober Day 23 – Bewitched Bubble Bar and Halloween Video Games

Today, I decided to try out the 3 highest-rated free Halloween video games in the App Store, and see what I thought of them! But before I get onto that…

For my first Halloween themed activity today, I used one of the bath products I bought on my Halloween LUSH Haul.

Bewitched Bubble Bar

When choosing which Halloween products to buy from LUSH, I was in no doubt about buying the Bewitched bubble bar. I love cats, so I am attracted to anything cat themed! The bar is shaped like a black cat’s head with yellow eyes.

LUSH Bewitched bubble bar, which is in the shape of a black cat's head with yellow eyes and nose.

I followed the instructions, crumbling the bar under running water. It created bubbles, but not masses of them. However, we have a water softener which means that products don’t lather up so well in our water. I blame the soft water rather than the product!

A bath full of dark grey water with bubbles all over the surface
This is the extent of the bubbles that were produced.

Underneath the layer of bubbles, the water turned a dark grey, almost black. When I was in the bath, I couldn’t see my body through the water, which made for a ghostly experience.

A bath full of dark grey water with bubbles on the surface

Even though I didn’t get very many bubbles, it was still worth the experience because the water felt very soft and smooth on my skin, perhaps even more so than the Mercury Retrograde and Lord of Misrule bath bombs I have used recently.

A bath full of dark grey water with bubbles partially covering the surface

It also smelt lovely. I was completely unable to pinpoint what the scent was, so I had to look it up on the LUSH website. Apparently it is olibanum and bergamot, neither of which I would know what they smell like anyway! But it was very nice, and the scent lingered in the bathroom and on my skin for a while.

The bath needed a quick rinse afterwards to get some black residue and leftover bubbles to go down the drain, but there was no scrubbing or wiping required.

Would I buy this bubble bar again?

I would buy this product again next Halloween, but I might prioritise a bath bomb over it. This is because of having soft water which means I don’t get many bubbles. If I move to somewhere that has hard water, I would 100% try this bubble bar again to see if I get more bubbles!

Trying out Halloween video games

I decided to download and try out the 3 highest-rated free Halloween video games in the App Store. I simply typed ‘Halloween games’ into the search bar, and then sorted them by customer rating. From these, I picked the 3 highest-rated free ones and had a go!

Color by Numbers – Halloween

As the title suggests, the first game was a simple colour by numbers activity, using Halloween themed pictures. It had a rating of 5 stars in the app store.

Color by Numbers Halloween video game, showing a picture of a pumpkin to colour.

The game immediately opened onto a picture of a pumpkin to colour. All I had to do was click on the tubes of paint to select a colour, and then click on the correct numbered areas in the picture, which would fill with colour. The numbers disappeared from each section as I filled it.

Color by Numbers - Halloween

When I completed the picture, it gave me a score, and a star for accuracy. After that, I selected a new picture to colour.

There are various options to explore, for example, you can use a palette to change the colour of each paint tube. You can also remove the numbers altogether and just colour the picture freely.

This game had background music which was fun and spooky, but seemed to be on quite a short loop so it might get annoying after a while!

There were only 3 free pictures to colour, before I would have had to pay for more. So I stopped when I had finished those!

This isn’t a game I would want to spend hours playing. However, it was a bit of fun, and I think it is definitely a good game for kids.

Spooky Runes

This was the second highest rated Halloween game in the App Store, with a rating of 4.5 stars. It was a tile matching game, where you have to place combinations of tiles on the board to make rows of 3 or more. When you make a row, you fill up a vial of the corresponding colour. To win the level you have to fill up every vial.

The tutorial screen of Spooky Runes video game

The game started with a tutorial, but I found it difficult to understand. However, once I started playing the game it was very easy to pick up.

I found all the levels very easy, and I don’t think I was particularly strategic with my placement of tiles. As the levels go up, I imagine that I would need a bit more skill and strategy.

Spooky Runes video game

I really liked the background music in this game, it was high quality and very atmospheric. It had a magical feel to it – it could easily belong in Harry Potter. There were about 4 different music tracks and the game cycled between these, using a different track for each level.

I got up to level 9, and then I got bored so I stopped. I am guessing that there are a limited number of levels in the free game, before you have to pay for more. But it looks as though there are at least 10 free levels.

Although there are many similar games available, the spooky music and sound effects make this one ideal for Halloween. It is the sort of game you could easily get addicted to, which has happened to me with similar games in the past. I don’t think I will play this game again, but it was quite fun and the highlight for me was the music.

Amelie’s Café – Halloween Lite

The third highest rated Halloween game in the App Store was this café game, which was rated 3.5 stars. I’ve seen games like this before. The object is to serve the customers as quickly as possible and keep them happy.

Amelie's Café - Halloween Lite video game introduction screen

The graphics were very much Halloween themed, and even the chefs and customers were wearing Halloween costumes. The music was also spooky, although it seemed to be on quite a short loop. I much preferred the music in the Spooky Runes game.

The game began with a walk-through tutorial which was helpful when learning how to play. You had to click on customers to take their orders, click on benches to get the chefs to make food, and then bring the food to the customers. With each level, new rules were introduced including new types of food, and bonuses you could use.

Amelie's Café - Halloween Lite video game

It was fun to play because the level of challenge was just right. I had to think quickly to get the orders to the customers on time, and it was satisfying to see my skill improve the more I played it.

I found this game really enjoyable. Unfortunately, there were only 5 free levels, so I stopped, but I would definitely have played for longer if there were more free levels. The full game is only £2.99, so I might even consider buying that!

Which was my favourite Halloween video game?

My favourite game was definitely Amelie’s Café, despite this being the lowest rated game out of the three. It was the most challenging and fast-paced, and as mentioned I would even consider buying the full game – something I would not consider with the other two. However, a special mention does go to Spooky Runes for having the best, most atmospheric music.

If you want to try these games, you can find them all in the App Store by typing in ‘Halloween games’. I imagine they would work on mobile phones too. I’m not sure if they are available on Android but it would be worth a look!

Have you played any Halloween video games?

Do you have any recommendations for me? Maybe you’ve played some of the above games – what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

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Blogtober Day 23 - Bewitched Bubble Bar and Halloween Video Games


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