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Blogtober Day 19 – A LUSH Bath Bomb and an Autumnal Walk

A couple of weeks ago, I had a LUSH Haul and bought several of their Halloween products to use during this month. I used the Mercury Retrograde bath bomb earlier in the month, and this morning I decided to use the Lord of Misrule bath bomb.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

I had heard good things about this bath bomb. When I bought it, the shop assistant was raving about how good it was, and I have read good things online. So I had high expectations!

The bomb was round and green with a star shape etched in it, and a little bit of purple showing through. It smelt strong and spicy, yet sweet and berry-ish at the same time, even though it doesn’t contain any berries. The main ingredients for scent are patchouli and black pepper.

Lord of Misrule bath bomb by LUSH

When I dropped it into the bath, it started fizzing. It then fell into a pattern of rocking back and forth, and bursts of magenta would come out the sides with every turn. After a while, the whole bath bomb turned over so that the magenta ‘fizz’ came out the top in a steady stream, propelling the bomb around the bath. Gradually, it began to crackle because it contained popping candy. It was quite a spectacle, and the entire show lasted for around 7 minutes before the bomb had completely disintegrated.

A bath containing the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. There are swirls of pink, green and white.

The resulting pattern on the surface of the water was very pretty, with swirls of green and magenta. The bath water itself turned a deep plum colour. The water felt soft on my skin.

My bath after using the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. The water is a deep plum colour.

After my bath, the sweet, spiced berry scent lingered in the bathroom for quite a while. I am pleased to report that this bath bomb did not stain the bath or leave any residue!

Overall, I loved this Lord of Misrule bath bomb and I feel it definitely deserves the hype. I would say that the Mercury Retrograde bath bomb was just as good though.

An Autumnal Walk

I also went for an Autumnal walk today with my dad. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, the perfect conditions for a walk. We walked around the village where we live, sticking to the roads and lanes rather than footpaths which would be muddy. I took several photos along the way:

Red berries on a tree

I thought these berries looked dramatic, especially against the blue sky.

Me holding an apple.

Outside someone’s house there was a box of apples and a sign saying ‘help yourselves’. So we did! It was nice to have an apple to munch as we walked along. We passed the box again on the way back, so we picked up 3 more apples to take home.

A tree with red Autumnal leaves

This bright red tree really stood out in dramatic contrast against its green and blue surroundings.

Tall trees with their leaves starting to turn brown.

The yellowing leaves on this tall tree shone brightly in the sunlight.

A tree with yellow leaves

I loved the colour of this tree against the blue sky.

A tree with leaves turning brown

These leaves were looking very Autumnal.

A plant with pink, grassy fronds

This is not especially Autumnal, but this plant really made a statement with its pink, fluffy fronds!

Red autumnal leaves amongst ivy flowers

I liked the contrast between the ivy flowers and the bright red leaves.

Orange berries on a bush

These Autumnal orange berries caught my attention.

It was a really lovely walk, and I look forward to going on even more Autumnal walks as the month progresses!

You can read about my previous Autumnal walks in these posts:

Have you done anything Autumnal today?

Perhaps you went for an Autumnal walk too? Or did you use an Autumnal scented bath bomb or any other Autumnal scented product? Let me know in the comments!

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Blogtober Day 19 - A LUSH Bath Bomb and an Autumnal Walk


  1. Sophie Bolton says:

    I love everything about this post!
    Firstly, well done for keeping up with Blogtober, and your walk looks so beautiful 😀 Secondly, I need to try this bath bomb!!!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you so much!
      The bath bomb was amazing, I definitely recommend it!

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