Nature Poems

Here are a few poems I wrote in September 2017 as part of my monthly poetry challenge. They are all related to nature, seasons and the outdoors, but each evokes a very contrasting picture and atmosphere.

Islands in the Sky‘ was inspired by real experience – I remember looking at clouds as a child, especially at sunset, and imagining they were islands surrounded by calm, tropical seas. I still think they look that way!

The other three poems are entirely fictional, and not inspired by any personal experience.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Harvest at the Orchard

It’s harvest time at the orchard;
Row after row of trees burst with fruit.
The turning leaves are filters of orange and yellow,
Through which the Autumn sunlight beams,
Tinting the fruit with golden colours.

I meander from tree to tree with wicker basket,
Picking bright apples and pears.
I balance them high, as many as I can,
Until they begin to topple out,
And my arms ache from the weight of them.

Bringing the fruit in, I find the biggest bowl I can,
And pile into it my harvest bounty.
The result is spectacular! A bowl so full of life,
Laden with plump, sun kissed fruits,
Striped and mottled with yellow and red.

I take a bite into a crisp red apple;
The sweet, sharp taste spreads across my tongue.
I close my eyes, revelling in the juicy feast.
This apple, freshly grown and picked in the orchard
Passes me it’s vitality, the life force of the land I live on.

Islands in the Sky

Evening, I gaze into the setting sky:
Brush-stroked with every pastel colour,
And the sun luminous on the horizon.

Lazy clouds are islands in a tropical sea:
Purple mountains rising above level sands,
Fluorescent light reflecting off calm waters.

Closing my eyes, I imagine this exotic paradise:
Holiday makers, dipping their toes in warm water,
Making sand castles on the golden beaches.

I imagine little boats sailing at leisure
From island to island, and seabirds overhead;
Opening my eyes, I see them flying.

As the sun dips, retreating for the night,
The islands darken, the boats return to shore
And the birds descend to roost in nearby trees.

Winter Morning

A cold December morning,
The frost is all around;
It bites at every blade of grass
And hardens all the ground.

A bitter wind is howling,
It blows without relent,
It batters every cosy house
And creeps in every vent.

The bleak and dreary winter sky
With lumbering clouds is strewn;
A freezing rain begins to fall,
It almost turns to snow.

A little robin flutters down
With feathers brown and red,
Pecking at the frozen shoots
And hoping to be fed.

I brave the arctic weather,
To sprinkle seeds outside;
He pecks them all up, gratefully,
And then away he flies.

I hope he has a cosy nest
To shelter from the sky,
A bed of twigs and softest leaves
To keep him warm and dry.

The Coral Reef

The diver plunged into the ocean;
Vast, blue and calm on the surface,
But she swam down towards the reef
To find a bustle of colour and activity.

Corals in shades of pink and orange
Gently pulsed and waved their fronds,
And within them darted fish of all kinds,
So brightly coloured and patterned.

A green sea turtle casually swam by,
Propelling with ease through the water,
Looking completely at leisure
In his beautiful home, so full of life.

The diver returned to the surface,
Lifting her face to the wide blue sky.
She squinted in the bright sunlight;
Everything around her was blue.

The sun reflected on the water
Hiding the treasures beneath.
Only a few rays rippled through
To light the precious coral reef.

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