A Couple of Poems

Last September, I challenged myself to write a poem every day of the month. Here are a couple of my favourites; I hope you enjoy them.

On the Beach 

On a still and starlit night, I sit alone on the beach
Staring out over the glittering sea.
The cast of the half moon shatters into fragments
That dance like sparks on the rippling water.

The air is still, the seabirds are sleeping,
The only sound is the gentle waves,
Teasing and lapping at smooth, round stones
And making them gleam in the soft moonlight.

I take a deep breath of sharp, salty air
And burrow my hands into the cool pebbles;
I take one, and toss it across the water,
Startling the waves, making ripples of my own.

At one with the landscape, I stay a while,
Calmed and hypnotised by the scene,
Until a wind picks up, and wandering clouds
Drift and stray, veiling the stars and moon.

The night is dark, and deepening;
I shiver, and stand, the shingle crunching beneath my shoes.
I lean and pick up an oval stone, and squeeze it in my palm,
A memory clasped in my hand, as I walk away.

A full moon in the night sky, reflecting on the calm sea beyond a beach.

A Wild Rose

 I walk on a rough path, across a wildflower field,
Just inland from the windswept shore.
Grassy fronds sway and blend into the distance,
Dotted with countless colourful flowers.

I pause, breathing in the fresh sea air
And absorbing the glorious panorama.
How many thousands, millions of flowers
Make up this detailed living collage?

The path is bordered by a low hedge
Of prickled yellow gorse and brambles.
I stop, and crouch on damp gravelly earth,
My attention drawn to a pink wild rose.

What a vibrant hue, nature has produced
To colour those floaty petals, double layered,
Framed by small, close-packed green leaves,
Flaunting bright stamens abundant with pollen.

I wonder if I am the one and only person
To stop and admire this particular rose;
A single witness to a fleeting beauty,
This vivid embodiment of nature’s wonder.

Flowers are stars of our cultures and legends,
And so many are ever blooming, yet each fades.
I draw out my camera to photograph the rose,
Capturing one flower in a billion, to endure.

A wild rose growing among other plants, near the sea.

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