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An Autumnal Walk

Today was a rainy day, but my friend and I put on our coats and boots and went out for an Autumnal walk!

We had planned to walk in the woods but in the end we didn’t have time to go to our planned location. Instead, we walked around the outskirts of the town where we had met for lunch.

It was amazing how many Autumnal things we could find so close to town – along footpaths, alleys and in a churchyard. I will share some of the photos we took.

Our walk, in photos

First, we walked across a bridge over a large pond. The trees around the pond were starting to change colour.

Me walking on a long bridge over a pond

We saw lots of berries on our walk. These ones were growing next to the pond:

Red berries growing in a tree

These bright red berries were in a hedge outside someone’s house:

A cluster of bright red berries amongst greenery

We walked along a footpath, beneath some trees. A lot of the trees we saw on our walk were still green, but quite a few were starting to change colour, including this one:

A canopy of leaves changing from green to brown

We found a tiny conker…

A tiny conker in my palm

… and a miniature apple!

A miniature apple I am holding by the stalk

The footpath led into a churchyard. There were lots of fallen leaves on the ground, including this one which we thought was an interesting shape:

A yellow V-shaped leaf laying on the grass

We walked through crunchy leaves! I say crunchy, but they were actually a bit soggy because it was raining.

My legs and boots standing in brown leaves

The colourful trees made the churchyard very atmospheric.

Colourful churchyard trees

We saw these Cyclamen growing underneath a tree. They don’t look very Autumnal, but this is the time of year when they flower so they do remind me of Autumn. I think they look like little pink butterflies!

A clump of pink Cyclamen flowers amongst ivy

As we walked back towards the town centre, we came across a house that was completely covered in this plant. It looked very dramatic because some of the leaves were turning a bright red.

Red and green leaves

Later in our walk we came across this path, looking very Autumnal with the fallen leaves.

A path covered in brown and yellow leaves, with grass and trees running along both sides

An atmospheric Autumnal walk

Even though it was raining, we enjoyed our walk and could really feel an Autumnal atmosphere. It was wonderful to be surrounded by nature and colourful trees. I hope to go for more walks this month, in different locations, and watch as the trees continue to change colour and drop their leaves.

Have you been for any walks lately? Did it feel Autumnal outside? What is your favourite setting to walk in – do you prefer the woods, beach, town, or somewhere else? Let me know in the comments!

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Blogtober Day 4 - An Autumnal Walk


  1. What a beautiful area to walk! We have a long-ish driveway and pretty good scenery if I do say so myself (we live out in the country a bit) so it is always nice just to take a walk down to the end of the driveway and enjoy the fall leaves and sun sinking down in the early evening.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      That sounds really lovely, I think everywhere looks extra pretty in the Autumn with all the colourful leaves!

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