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My Goals for March 2020

It’s March already, which means I have a fresh set of monthly goals to work on!

In February, I set myself a huge number of goals, most of which I didn’t manage to complete. You can read all about this in my February Goals Round-Up. Because of this, I have adjusted to set fewer goals in March. Most of them are repeats or re-attempts of my February goals.

This is just a quick post to outline my March goals. Most of them are the same as my February goals, so I haven’t gone into much detail. For clarification and my reasons for setting these goals, check out my February goals post.

A close up view of mixed varieties of daffodils growing outdoors.
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My March Goals



  • Read 1 book


  • Spend 15 hours in total working on all things blog related


  • Attend 3 social events

Moving out

  • Use 3 items from my ‘use-up pile’ every day


  • Make a ‘vision playlist’
  • Write in my gratitude journal every day


  • Be in bed with lights out by 12 at the latest each night
  • Get out of bed by 8 at the latest each morning


  • Read issues 3-5 of the Permaculture Times


  • Maximum of 15 ‘sweet treats’ during the month


  • Watch Harry Potter films 2 and 3

I am hoping to complete all of my March goals!

I have set myself a much more manageable number of goals this month, so I am optimistic that I will be able to achieve them!

A goal planner, open on a desk surrounded by stationary.
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Have you set yourself any goals this month? Are any of them similar to mine? I would love to hear about them – let me know in the comments!

Have a great March!

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My Goals for March 2020


  1. These are some really great goals. I also had a hard time hitting a lot of my February goals, so I cut back for March and I’m feeling really good about it. Good luck with achieving all of these goals.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you, good luck with your March goals too!

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