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My Goals for June 2020

A new month means it’s time for new goals! Most of my June goals build on my May goals, the majority of which I managed to complete. So, here they are:

My June Goals


Lately, I have been following along with the monthly playlists on Adriene’s channel. This month’s playlist is called ‘Courage’ and I am looking forward to following along with it throughout June.

  • Do 3 Chloe Ting workout videos

I have been hearing a lot about Chloe Ting recently. People seem to be getting good results from doing her workouts. I’m not sure I’d have time to do them regularly at the moment, especially as I am already doing daily yoga and walks. I want to try doing 3 of her videos during June though, to give me a taster and see if I like them. If I do, I might set them as a goal in a future month.


  • Finish reading The Way We Were
  • Read 3 more books

At the end of May, I was halfway through reading The Way We Were by Elizabeth Noble. There is an interesting story behind why I chose to read this book, which you can read about here. In June, I plan to finish this book and then read 3 more books.

Copy of The Way We Were by Elizabeth Noble


  • Write and schedule 9 blog posts

I set myself this same goal in May, and only managed to write 7 blog posts out of 9. This month, I hope to reach my target of 9!

  • Have 100 WordPress followers

I would like to have 100 WordPress followers on my blog by the end of June. If you’d like to help me out, please click the follow button! 😉

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  • Add descriptive ALT text to all photos on my blog

I want to go through and add or update the ALT text on all my photos, to help optimise my blog for SEO. I planned to do this in May but didn’t get round to it, so hopefully, I will in June.

  • Backup my blog

I have a backup plugin but I want to make absolutely sure that my blog is backed up, ideally in several places, so I will be doing this in June.

  • Work through Ell Duclos’ Pinterest course and pin accordingly

In May, I started pinning more often and made much better pins, but unfortunately, I didn’t see much of an improvement in my blog traffic from Pinterest. A while back, I enrolled in the Ell Duclos Pinterest course, and I plan to work through it more thoroughly during June to see if I can improve my skills in this area.

Moving out

  • Use 3 items from my ‘use-up pile’ every day

I have been gradually working my way through a pile of products and items that I want to use up to clear space. It’s a year since I first started doing this, and I plan to continue!

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  • Write in my gratitude journal every day

I have been writing in my gratitude journal every day for the past few months, and I plan to continue in June. As well as writing down things I am grateful for, I also write down things I am proud of and things I have learned.

A white gratitude journal with 'today I am grateful' written on it. There is a gold pen laying on the gratitude journal, which is laying on a pink, fluffy blanket.
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash
  • Repeat affirmations every day

This is something I used to do, but I have got out of the habit. Repeating affirmations really helps me to stay positive, and hopefully it will also help me to manifest the things I am affirming!


  • Get up with my alarm at 6.30 each morning

In May, my goal was to set my alarm for 6.30 and get up by 6.45 at the latest. This worked quite well at first, but later in the month I tended to go back to sleep after my alarm went off, and sleep in later than 6.45. I would then feel more tired when I woke up again. I decided it would be more efficient, in terms of energy and productivity, to get up as soon as my alarm goes off at 6.30.

  • Be in bed with the lights out by 11 pm

To help me get up at 6.30, I am going to make sure I go to bed by 11 pm. This means I will get at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night.


  • Read Issue 8 of the Permaculture Times

I receive an e-newsletter called the Permaculture Times, which is full of interesting articles, videos and podcasts about permaculture. I recently received issue 8 which I plan to read this month.

  • Learn French every day

I have been learning French on the Duolingo app for the past couple of months. I am really enjoying this, so I am going to make sure I reach my ‘daily goal’ on the app every day in June. Talking of my ‘daily goal’, I have upped the settings from ‘serious’ to ‘insane’ which means I will need to earn more experience points each day to reach my goal. Insane sounds very intense, but I was already working very fast through the lessons and finding it easy to reach my goal each day. So it shouldn’t be too much more of a challenge.

  • Watch 3 films in French

To supplement my French learning, I have decided to watch some films in French. I am not sure what combination of subtitles would be best, so I am allowing myself to have any combination of subtitles. This would include: a film in English with French subtitles, a film in French with English subtitles, a film in French with French subtitles, or a film in French with no subtitles. Any of these options would help me pick up the language.

A view across the river to the Eiffel Tower at sunset
Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash


  • Take part in 5 social events (including video calls and in-person)

Now that the lockdown rules have relaxed a little bit, there is a possibility that I may be able to meet up with some friends in person, with social distancing in place. However, I suspect that my main form of socialising this month will still be video calls, so I am allowing a combination of both in order to meet this goal.


  • Maximum of 8 ‘sweet treats’ during the month

Over the past few months, I have been cutting down on chocolate, cakes, sweets, desserts and similar, to reduce my consumption of sugar. In May, I succeeded in my goal of only having 10 ‘sweet treats’, so in June I am reducing this to 8.


  • Follow my skincare routine every morning and evening

I managed to stick to my skincare routine every day in May, so I plan to continue with this in June.


  • Upload 30 photos to Shutterstock

I recently invested in a ‘proper’ camera because I am hoping to get more into photography. I plan to experiment with taking lots of photos this month and upload the best ones to Shutterstock.


  • Practise the clarinet 10 times

I have been making the most of the lockdown to improve my skills at playing the clarinet. I made a lot of progress in May, so I plan to practice the clarinet 10 more times in June.

June Guidelines

The following are not goals, but rather guidelines that I plan to follow this month:

  • Avoid snacking between meals.
  • Practise the Curly Girl Method.
  • Cut procrastination and improve my time efficiency
  • Whenever I find myself visualising something going badly, I will cut off that train of thought.

That’s all my June Goals

I will, of course, update you about how I got on with my goals when the month is over. Have you set yourself any June goals? Are they similar to mine, or different? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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My Goals for June 2020


  1. These are some fantastic goals. This is sure to keep you busy but that’s a good thing. Learning a new language is quite fun and watching movies in that language is a great way to increase your skill. What I do for that since I am learning Japanese, is watch something in Japanese twice – once with English subtitles and then again with Japanese subtitles. Good luck with hitting all of these goals!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! It’s definitely keeping me busy so far. Oh, that’s good to know – I imagine that works really well for learning Japanese! I may try that method with the French films as well if I have the patience to watch the same film twice!

  2. Those are such amazing goals, really made me want to be more productive. I follow a few Chloe Ting workouts too! Since I can’t take out a lot of time from the day either I do her 10-minute workouts which get results too. I hope you have a productive and happy June!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you so much, I’m glad I’ve inspired you to be more productive! How did you find the Chloe Ting workouts? I haven’t done one yet but I’m looking forward to trying them! Have a productive and happy June too!

  3. Great goals I love this post! I am learning Spanish on Duolingo and I hope to continue that in June! My goals are to read more books, post two blog posts a week and exercise most days.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! Good luck with learning Spanish – I really like the Duolingo app! Those are all great goals!

  4. These are some great goals for June! I hope you manage to achieve all of them 😊

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! 😊

  5. Those are really inspiring goals! With sleep, I’ve found (since lockdown) that if I don’t have an alarm I often seem to need up to 9 hours sleep! So if you’re still waking up tired, you might just be a sleep-monster like me 😉

    Love the idea of a “use up pile” so I might have to steal that!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I am wondering if I might need more hours sleep! I’ve still been feeling tired getting up at 6.30 even though I’m managing to get to bed by 11.
      Feel free to steal the ‘use up pile’ idea!

  6. Oooh wow I hope you achieve them! I tried doing the Chloe Ting 14 days ab challenge as I saw so many people doing it. I am quite fit, but I struggled to motivate and physically do it in the time frame that she did. I prefer to take my workouts in my own stride rather than sticking to a strict schedule. But good luck!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you, it’s good to hear other people’s experiences with the Chloe Ting workouts! I think I might struggle similarly with sticking to the time frame. But this month I am only planning to do a few of her videos, just to try them out. Maybe next month I will tackle the ab challenge and see if it suits me or not!

  7. I love how varied your goals are for this month! Alt text is something that I need to go back and add to so many of my old posts – I’ll be doing that this month for sure x

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I never used to think about Alt text until I read recently about how important it is, for SEO as well as for the visually impaired. Thank you for reading x

  8. i am tagging you for 10 of my favourite feelings

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you for tagging me!

  9. I love Chloe ting workout videos and I always try to get 8 hours of sleep and I can tell when I haven’t!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I haven’t got round to trying the Chloe Ting workouts yet but I can’t wait to! xx

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