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January Goals Round-Up

In January, I switched to a goal-based system and set myself several goals for the month. You can read all about my new system in this post: My Goals for January 2020. I am pleased to report that I completed the majority of my January goals!

The purpose of this post is to evaluate how I got on with each of my January goals. The results of these goals will form the basis for my February goals, which I have already decided on and will post about separately.

So, here are the goals I set myself in January, and how I did!


The silhouette of a woman doing yoga on a balcony, facing the sun and a palm tree.
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Yoga with Adriene is a yoga YouTube channel that had been recommended to me by several people recently. I decided to follow along with one video each day in January, and I succeeded in this!

There was actually one day where I was unable to access YouTube because I had a power cut at home which knocked out the internet connection. To make up for this, I followed along with 2 yoga videos the next day.

I really like Yoga with Adriene, and I can see why it is so highly recommended. Adriene is such a calming presence and her videos are a balance of humorous, relaxing, and informative. There is a great variety of long and short, easy and challenging videos. I would recommend her channel to anyone who is thinking of starting yoga.

As for the benefits of yoga itself, I think it has helped keep me calm and balanced and benefitted my mental health. I haven’t noticed much of a difference physically though, in terms of strength or flexibility. I plan to carry on with my yoga practice in February though, so I am hoping to see more of a difference as time goes on.

  • Go for 1 run

I want to get back into running, and I decided to start small by aiming for 1 run in January. I succeeded in this! It was a quiet, sunny Sunday morning when I went for a run and I enjoyed it. I plan to build up to 2 runs in February!


  • Finish reading Harry Potter book 6
  • Read Harry Potter book 7
  • Read 1 other book

I succeeded in reading Harry Potter books 6 and 7, and one other book: ‘A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice’. Admittedly, this was a very short book! But I had been intending to read it anyway since my friend bought it for me for my birthday recently. It’s a really cute and funny book and I recommend it to anyone who likes guinea pigs!

Hardback copy of A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice

I enjoyed having a relaxed reading schedule this month. I think 3 books was the right amount to set, and the length of the Harry Potter books offset the shortness of the Guinea Pig book. There was no need to rush to finish any of them. It’s good having the flexibility of choosing shorter books if needed in order to complete my goal.

I still have lots of books I want to read, so I will be setting myself a similar reading goal in February.


  • 62 hours of work on all things blog-related

I didn’t manage to complete 62 hours of work on my blog, but I managed approximately 41 hours which is still a great achievement.

The main reason I didn’t reach 62 hours (an average of 2 hours per day) is that I didn’t do a lot of blog work at the start of the month. I tried to catch up by doing lots more towards the end of the month, but I didn’t quite manage it. This has taught me that I need to start this kind of time-based goal early in the month to get ahead! Or, set specific actions to complete rather than time-based goals, which is what I am going to try in February for my blogging goals.

Despite not reaching 62 hours, I still made lots of progress on my blog. I wrote and scheduled several posts in advance, updated some old posts and was more active on social media, among other things. It has been a successful month for my blog.


  • Attend 5 social events

Well, I smashed this goal! I attended 5 social events by the 18th January, and another 2 after that, bringing my total up to 7. I socialised with a wide variety of different people. This is great progress towards my yearly goal of attending 52 social events. I enjoyed all of the social events I attended, which is a great step for me.

Three women facing away from the camera and holding their arms up to the sky, at sunset.
Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

Moving out

  • Take electrical items to a charity shop

I didn’t do this. However, I asked a friend of mine if her sister would like the largest of the electrical items I had, and she said yes. So I have found a new home for that, and I only have 2 other smaller electrical items to give to charity. I might wait until I have more, or take those along with other items to an ordinary charity shop that accepts electrics.

  • Use up 3 items from my ‘use up pile’ each day

This is a goal I have been working on since last June, and I managed to do this every day in January. For more details, see my post: Using Things Up in June.

  • Make a list of items to give away on Freecycle

I did this, and I plan to start giving away items on Freecycle in February.

  • Compile a bag of items to take to a normal charity shop, and another bag to take to a ‘books and music’ charity shop.

I succeeded in compiling not just 2, but 3 bags of items to take to charity shops. This is because I managed to fill a bag with books and a separate bag with music.


I did this early in the month.

  • After that, look at (and update if desired) my vision board every day

I managed this every day after making my vision board. I added new pictures to it on most days. As the month progressed, I started to glaze over and lose focus when looking at my vision board. I think this is because I got bored of looking at the same pictures over and over again. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to keep my vision board fresh by adding new pictures regularly, or, to look at it less often.

A few things from my vision board have manifested in reality, including doing an escape room and going to a board game cafe. Other things have shown signs of being on their way. For example, I pinned some pictures of fit, toned bodies to represent my fitness goals. This month, my friend invited me to join her at a Bootcamp, which will help me with my fitness goals!

  • Spend a total of 5 hours looking up houses for sale

I only managed to look up houses for about 2.5 hours. I was slow starting this goal and certainly didn’t work on it every day. At first, I enjoyed looking at houses but then it got less fun. Therefore I think it is best to attempt fewer hours on this one.

A scene of houses and a lamp post at dusk.
Photo by Tom Thain on Unsplash

I did this every day and it was great. Writing in my journal really helps me to appreciate the good things in life, big and small. It also helps me to recognise my successes, and to learn from things that happen. I plan to continue writing in my gratitude journal every day!

That’s it for my January Goals Round-Up

I’m pleased with the progress I made in January, and I will be continuing to work on all these areas in February. Watch this space for my February Goals post which will be published soon!

Did you set yourself any goals in January? How did you get on with them? Let me know in the comments!

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January Goals Round-Up

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