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February Goals Round-Up

In February, I set myself A LOT of goals. You can read about them in my post: My Goals for February 2020. The main reason I set so many goals is simply that I had a lot of ideas. I decided to go ahead and set them all, as an experiment to see how I would get on with attempting so many goals at once.

So, how did I do?

I completed less than half of my goals. Some of them I didn’t touch at all. I am not surprised at this, because I knew the number of goals I set was ambitious, and I didn’t expect to complete all of them.

This last statement, ‘I didn’t expect to complete all of them’, became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because I didn’t expect to complete them, I actually put less effort into completing my goals this month than I would have if I’d set a smaller number of goals.

I believed I wouldn’t complete them all, so I semi-consciously picked out the easier goals to complete and abandoned some of the harder ones. My subconscious told me: ‘If I’m not going to complete them all anyway, why not take the easy path?’

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What have I learned from this?

The main lesson I have learned from this is: set a realistically achievable number of goals. This must, of course, take into account the difficulty of each individual goal. If in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of setting fewer (and/or easier) goals. This way, I will BELIEVE that I can complete them, and am more likely to. 

Even if my goals are ‘too easy’ and I complete them before the end of the month, I’ll get a sense of achievement which will motivate me to pursue slightly harder goals next month. It will also give me a reference point to help calibrate the best number of goals to set each month. 

I plan to write a more detailed blog post soon covering what I have learned about setting achievable goals. Watch this space!

Evaluating my February Goals

Here are the goals I set in February, and how I did with them:


I succeeded in this! Throughout February I have been following along with the 30-day ‘Home’ yoga challenge on Adriene’s channel and I love it. I feel that I am gradually getting better at yoga, and finding certain poses easier, although I have still not seen much of an improvement in my flexibility. I will definitely be continuing to do Yoga with Adriene every day. 

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  • Go for 2 runs

Unfortunately, I didn’t go for any runs this month. I hope to in March, and the Spring weather should help!


  • Read 3 books

I only read 1 book in February. But 1 book is still an achievement.


  • Update all my old blog posts for SEO
  • Secure 1 collaboration of any kind
  • Have 6 blog posts scheduled in March onwards

I didn’t complete any of these blog goals. In fact, I hardly worked on them at all! However, that doesn’t mean I did nothing on my blog. I still wrote and published blog posts during February, and made some other improvements such as working on my Pinterest strategy. I also looked for and applied for a few collaborations but didn’t get any.

In March, I am not going to be re-setting the above goals for myself. This is because March is already a busy month for me. I will be setting myself smaller blog goals in March, and I might come back to the above goals (or similar) in April. 

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  • Attend 5 social events

I only attended 2 out of 5 social events. However, I have still been quite social this month because I socialised around and during some other events that didn’t count as ‘social events’ in their own right. I also socialised online quite a bit, through messenger and online games.

I did have at least 4 social events planned in February but a few things got cancelled or rescheduled due to weather, illness and other reasons. This means that I already have a few socials planned for March. 

Even though I only had 2 ‘official’ social events, I’m still proud of how I did socially this month and I’m grateful for my friends.

Moving out

  • Use up 3 items from my ‘use up pile’ each day

I succeeded in using up 3 items from my ‘use up pile’ every day, apart from the 28th February. On this day, I only used 1 but I made up for it by using 5 on the 29th.

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  • Take bags of items to charity shops

For one of my January goals, I compiled three bags of stuff to take to charity shops. This included a bag of general bric-a-brac, a bag of books and a bag of sheet music. 

I succeeded in taking the general bag to a charity shop this month. However, I didn’t take the books or music because I had doubts about whether to give away a particular book, and I felt that the bag would be too empty without it. 

Therefore I half completed this goal, and I plan to take the books and music to a charity shop when I have accumulated a few more books to give away.

A close-up view of a pile of old books.
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  • Make 1 Freecycle listing

I didn’t do this.

  • Dust every area of my room

I only dusted one area of my room. Still, that’s a start.


  • Look at (and update if desired) my vision board every other day.

I looked at my vision board every other day, but I hardly updated it. I feel it is getting stale so I am going to take a break from looking at it regularly, and trust that the Universe is doing its work.

  • Make a ‘vision playlist’

I didn’t do this, but I plan to do it in March.

  • Spend a total of 2 hours looking up houses for sale

I succeeded in looking at houses for 2 hours in total. I’ve been getting some synchronicities to do with moving out, for example, other people in my life are looking into buying houses. I am getting a little bored of looking at houses though, so I am going to trust the signs and leave this to the Universe for a while.

I wrote in my gratitude journal every day, and I love it. I will definitely be continuing with this.

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  • Be in bed with the lights out by 12 at the latest each night
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I was in bed by 12 on most nights, apart from a few for social reasons, which I am okay with. On these occasions, once I had finished socially, I got ready and went to bed straight away without any extra activities. Therefore, I measure this as a success.

I rarely had my lights out before 11.55 pm. I do enjoy chilling out late into the night, so I made the most of my allowance. But, I see this as a good sign. If I hadn’t set this goal, I would undoubtedly have stayed up later than 12 on most nights. The very fact that I pushed the boundaries shows that I needed this goal – it was challenging for me and I am proud that I succeeded in it.

Ideally, I think it would be healthier for me to go to bed even earlier. However, for now, I will stick to the 12.00 limit because it is enough of a challenge.

  • Get out of bed by 8 at the latest each morning

I was out of bed by 8 almost every day, even after the nights when I had stayed up later than 12. The only day I slept in later was on the 29th of February. This is because I had a really late night (I went to bed around 2 am) as I was out with my friends. I decided it was wise to allow myself to lie in a little longer, and I got up at around 8.40 am.

I sort of got used to getting up before 8 am, but I never exactly found it easy. When I didn’t HAVE to get up earlier, I usually lay in until 7.59 before dragging myself out of bed, bleary-eyed. Often, I then sat ON TOP of my bed for a while before actually going and doing anything.

Therefore, although I like the idea of getting up even earlier, for now, I will stick to the limit of 8 am because it is challenging enough.


  • Sort my hair products into those suitable for the Curly Girl Method and those that are not.

I didn’t do this.

A back view of a woman with long, wavy, light brown hair.
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  • Read issues 1-4 of the Permaculture Times

I read 2, nearly 3 issues out of 4, so I am pleased with my progress here. I enjoyed them and have learned a lot about Permaculture from them.


  • Maximum of 20 ‘sweet treats’ during the month

I succeeded in having only 19 sweet treats (chocolate, cakes, sugary desserts…) during the month of February. 

At the start of the month, I hardly ate any ‘sweet treats’. On the first couple of days, I craved sweets but I resisted. After that, I found that my cravings went away. By halfway through the month, I had only had about 5 sweet treats!

Then, I had a few desserts when I was out with friends, and I think that re-ignited my cravings a bit. I also realised that at that point, I could have a sweet treat every day for the rest of the month and still remain within my limit of 20. So I started having sweets more regularly, nearly every day. That’s okay, because I remained aware of the limit, and I was still eating less sweet stuff than I was in January!

I reached the last day of February having only had 18 sweet treats. I planned to treat myself by using up my allowance, having 2 sweet treats on the last day. After dinner, I had some chocolates, but then I didn’t feel like eating anything else sweet, so I didn’t. I am proud that I resisted eating something sweet just for the sake of using up my allowance.

In March, I am building on this goal by setting a maximum of 15 ‘sweet treats’ during the month.

A pile of smashed up dark chocolate.
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash
  • Make 10 Buddha bowls

I completed this goal halfway through the month because I made loads of Buddha bowls! I didn’t make so many at the end of the month though. But I really like them and will be making more. 


  • Watch all 8 Harry Potter films

I only watched 1 film out of 8! The films are longer than I expected them to be, and I didn’t get many opportunities to dedicate a chunk of time to watch a film. I still plan to watch the rest of the Harry Potter films but I will divide the goal over March and April.

That’s it for my February Goals Round-Up

Even though I didn’t complete all my goals, I still made good progress in some areas during February. I have learned my lesson to set fewer goals, therefore my March goals are much more select and achievable. I will be publishing a post about them soon!

Did you set any goals for yourself in February? How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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February Goals Round-Up


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