Alternative Uses For Cosmetic Products You Are Not Going To Use
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Alternative Uses for Cosmetic Products You are Not Going to Use

Do you have half-used perfumes, make-up, hair products and other cosmetic products that you are not going to use, for whatever reason? Maybe the product is years out of date, you don’t like the scent, or the product doesn’t work for you. You’d love to clear some space and get these half-used products out of …

A Guide To Neutralising Anxiety Triggers
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A Guide To Neutralising Anxiety Triggers

You might find that you get anxious in certain situations. I thought of a way that could help to undo or soften that trigger and gradually neutralise it, at least to an extent: Do something that is similar to the activity where you feel anxious, but without the particular aspect or aspects that make you …

Tips For Dealing With Pre-Performance Anxiety and Nerves
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Tips for Dealing with Pre-Performance Anxiety and Nerves

In this post, I will share with you some of my ways of dealing with pre-performance anxiety and nerves. By performance, I am talking about any situation where you have to ‘perform’ that you are anxious about. This could include a concert, a rehearsal, a sports match, a social occasion, a meeting, a public speech, …

17 Activities That Will Re-Energise You
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17 Activities That Will Re-Energise You

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated, and struggle to get yourself moving to get on with tasks? Do you get drawn in by the temptation to procrastinate? Sometimes in these situations, it’s wise not to keep pushing yourself to get on with the tasks that you ‘should’ be doing. If your energy and motivation are low …

Love Beauty and Planet Gentle Cleansing Conditioner
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Love Beauty and Planet: Gentle Cleansing Conditioner – Review

I recently bought this conditioner from Superdrug. I was trying to find the most ethical conditioner I could, within the shops available where I was at the time. I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but I decided to give it a try. My first impressions were positive – the bottle is attractive and easy …