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A Set of Mottos for Getting Through Challenging Times

If you are going through a difficult stage in your life, here are some guiding principles to keep in mind, to give you strength and keep you moving through your challenges: Breaking things down so you can build things up higher.  Stepping back so you can step forward faster.  Letting go of past ties and …

Food and Diet Monthly Challenges

Sugar Free Challenge – March 2017

Back in March 2017, I decided to avoid sugar as an ingredient, wherever possible. This was the second challenge I did, since starting monthly challenges in February 2017. I chose this challenge because I knew that sugar is unhealthy, and I thought that diet was a good place to start when choosing my first challenges. …

Tips for getting to sleep
Challenge Ideas

Challenge Idea – Visit a Different Village, Town or City Every Day!

This is a challenge that would need you to have a lot of free time during the month, and ideally plenty of money for transport, cafes, attractions etc. It would also be much more fun to do with another person, such as a significant other, a family member or a close friend. It would be …

Tips for getting to sleep
Sustainable Living

Every Small Action Makes a Difference (Recycle that Bottle!)

Here are some notes I made back in 2015 about why I believe that every small action matters and counts, taking a simple example of recycling one bottle. Some people might not bother to do something, such as recycle a bottle, because they think that one person’s action will not make a difference. They are …