Mental Health and Wellbeing

Anticipatory Anxiety, and How to Make it Go Away

This morning I stopped to think about what it is that actually makes me anxious. I realised that when I have an anxiety episode, it’s usually because I am anticipating something particular that might happen, or is almost certainly about to happen. Have you ever noticed that if you stand and wait for your toast …

Product Reviews

Review – LUSH Ectoplasm Naked Shower Cream

LUSH Cosmetics are a great brand because they have great ethics, and also because they have a range of ‘naked’ products that don’t come wrapped in plastic, or in plastic bottles. I have been using their solid shampoo bars for years and really like them. Recently, they have started making solid shower gels. I have …

My Experience with Detox Foot Pads
Physical Health and Wellbeing Product Reviews

My Experience with Detox Foot Pads

I recently saw an advert on Facebook from a company called Misfit cosmetics, selling ‘The Ultimate Foot Pads’. [Edit 18/9/19 – They have now changed the name to ‘The Ultimate Foot Patch‘.] It caught my eye and I had a look at the information and reviews. They are pads that you stick to the bottom …

Monthly Challenge
Monthly Challenges Personal Development

Challenge for August 2017 – Positive Attitude

In August 2017, I challenged myself to maintain a positive attitude throughout the month, towards people, situations, events, challenges and decisions, and to find a positive spin on everything that happens. These are the ‘rules’ I set myself, in more detail: Be positive, kind and accepting towards people.Be positive about all situations that arise, as …

Monthly Challenges Physical Health and Wellbeing

December 2018 Challenge – Improving my Sleep Pattern

My challenge for December 2018 is improving my sleep pattern. Here are my rules: Be in bed, lights off, by 11 pm every eveningGet up at 6.30 am every morning Why have I chosen this challenge? In September, one of my challenges was to get up at 6.30 am every morning, and I succeeded. However, …

Monthly Challenge
Monthly Challenges Physical Health and Wellbeing

Evaluation – November 2018 Oil Pulling Challenge

This month, I challenged myself to: Oil pull properly for 20 minutes each morning Did I succeed in my oil pulling challenge? I succeeded in oil pulling every morning for at least 20 minutes. I wasn’t perfect – sometimes I stopped swishing. But I usually remembered quickly and picked up the swishing again. I was …