Exercise Food and Diet Monthly Challenges

September 2018 Challenge – Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Getting up at 6.30am every day Choosing vegan and healthiest options 10,000 steps per day It is halfway through September now, but I will write about my challenge the way I set it up at the start of the month, and Iโ€™ll post an evaluation at the end of September. My challenge for this month โ€ฆ

Monthly Challenges

It Started with Flossing Teeth… My First Monthly Challenge!

In February 2017, I first got the idea to do a challenge every month. My first challenge, which I started part-way through the month, was to floss my teeth every day. I chose it as a simple starter challenge – and hoped it would be beneficial too. I knew the supposed benefits of flossing teeth, …

Challenge Ideas

Challenge Idea – Read a Whole Book Series Within a Month!

This challenge could be scaled to different time periods depending on the length of the series, the time you have available, and your reading speed. Divide the number of days by the number of books, to find out approximately how many days you have to read each book (of course, the length of each book …


Affirmation – I Am a Fun and Playful Person

The text below is an extension of the affirmation above. I write my affirmation posts as though pondering and affirming the ideas to myself, and I invite you to do the same, if they resonate with you. The below is not necessarily a description of my current experience. I incorporate fun and playfulness into my …