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My November Challenge – Read for an Hour Every Day

This is just a quick post to let you know about my November Challenge. This month, I am challenging myself to read for an hour every day!


Read for an Hour Every Day

I did the exact same challenge just over 2 years ago in October 2017, which I wrote about earlier this year. My reasons for doing it again now are similar to my reasons back then. I have accumulated so many books that I want to read, and I just haven’t been prioritising time for reading them. By allotting an hour a day to reading, I will be able to get through several of these books! Hopefully I will also build up the momentum to keep reading more even after the month ends.

I have physical and e-books in my collection, but I am going to be focusing mainly on reading the physical books. This is because it will help me to physically de-clutter my space. When I finish a book, I usually give it away to friends or charity.

Lately I have been reading the Harry Potter series, so I intend to continue reading Harry Potter books. I may also intersperse them with some other books too.

When I did the reading challenge in 2017, I managed to read 5 books, so I am hoping for a similar achievement this time. The later Harry Potter books are long however, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t quite reach 5 books. Saying that, so far in this challenge I have actually been reading for longer than an hour on most days, so I am off to a good start!

Using Things Up

Alongside my reading challenge, I am still challenging myself to use up items and products that need using up. I have been doing this since June, and you can read all about it in my post: Using Things Up in June.

When discussing this challenge, the amazingly talented Naomi from Inching Forwards used the term ‘anti-hoarding’ to describe what I am doing. I loved this term because it perfectly describes my intentions! Rather than hoarding a whole load of products that I intend to use ‘one day’ but never actually using them, I have been systematically using them up. This way I can clear space and make room for my newer products.

Over the past 5 months I have ‘anti-hoarded’ a lot of things, but I still have more to go. So that’s why I am continuing this challenge in November!

Have you set yourself any challenges this month?

I would love to know what your current goals and challenges are. Let me know in the comments!

My November Challenge - Read for an Hour Every Day


  1. Good luck with your reading challenge! I also challenge myself every so often to increase my reading – it’s such an easy thing not to do, but once you’re in the habit of it, it’s really enjoyable (at least that’s what I find). This month, I’m excited because I get to read Michelle Obama’s Becoming as my library reservation has FINALLY come through.

    Thank you also for the very very very kind mention of me – I love your anti-hoarding, so I am pleased you approve of my term 🙂

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! I agree, I really enjoy reading but I tend to get out of the habit of doing it because there are always ‘more important’ things I need to do, and I feel like i’m slacking if I just chill out and read, even though I know it’s a really good thing to do! So it definitely helps to deliberately schedule time for reading.

      Ooh that’s exciting that you finally get to read ‘Becoming’! I hope you enjoy it, I just looked it up and it looks like it would be really interesting so I may check that one out too!

      You’re welcome for the mention, it’s a great term! 🙂

    2. Ooo…I’m dying to read Becoming! It’s on a wait at my library, too. Let us know how you like it when you’re done!

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